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Culling Tides is a Play By Post RPG forum created by members of a close-knit community, open to anyone willing to participate. The setting is a parallel universe of our own, with Earth being changed to name Zaffre and all locations given alternate names, albeit similar geography to the real world counterparts. Zaffre also has magic, as well as an alternate dimension that functions on it's own logic and is filled with bizarre and horrying monstrosities known as Demons. The world is a dark place, filled with fear and hatred for all things different, and those with magic are often targetted by religious crusaders wishing to purge the influence of the demonic realm from their own.


The roleplay focuses more specifically on Zaffre's equivalent of real world England, which has had it's name changed to Wisteria and is ruled by four noble houses, each corrupt and fighting for control of the capital. The time era is roughly equivalent to the Industrial Revolution, which means that most travel is done by boat and train, and the advent of firearms is slowly changing warfare. The characters involved use Wisteria's capital, Mariana City, as a hub for their interactions with each other, and complex plots are unfolding behind the scenes as the players work together to write an epic story.

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This forum provides examples of:

  • Crapsack World: Wisteria is this, due to the oppressive class system and constant threat of paranormal activity. The rest of Zaffre has yet to be seen.


Example of: