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Crimson Sky is a play by post game hosted on DeviantArt, run by owner Arkean Koutetsu and co-owner Maya. It's a collection of horrifically depressing episodic Role Plays done by the group of friends as they either drive their characters insane or cause them severe emotional harm.

The story takes place in a Steam Punk world known as Terraknell, which has been split into four factions. These factions are in a very delicate peace after a crippling war that left the main power in the world, the faction of Vataskum, crippled. To make matters worse, an ancient cult is awakening and threatens to break apart the factions that were just starting to heal after the war.


Crimson Sky can be found at Deviant Art.

Crimson Sky is a Role Play in the Praxis series. It was proceeded by Crusades Of Praxis and will be followed by Crimson Crusade

This series provides examples of:


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