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Underwater cities. Artificial Intelligences. Sentient androids. Genetically engineered humans. Neural implants.

Welcome to life on Earth in 2327, where a wave of scientific and technological advancements over the centuries (known as the “Cyberization” movement) has created a paradisiacal, Cyberpunk-esque world rich with innovation, cutting-edge tech, and above all, constant connection to the global Network, the very pinnacle and foundation for Terran society.

But under the surface, it’s clear not everything is as beautiful as it seems. Crime and corruption run rampant across the globe, with the divide between the rich and poor growing every day, and it’s not long before the two sides come to blows. As well, the Network is a source of great power, and therefore temptation, as people scheme to use it for their own ends.

It’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose. During one of the more boring days in the life, you’ve received a message from somebody claiming to offer a new opportunity. It seems harmless enough, just a simple invite to a simple chatroom. It almost seems tailored to you, but... that can’t be right...
The official description for Connection Established

You have all been gathered here today in this chatroom due to a message, personalized and listing what each of you desire most. You have been called because you are unique among the populace, and I require skills that cannot be found anywhere else.

Will you accept this contract?

Connection Established, or "Connex" for short, is an IRC chatroom-based CyberPunk RP which began on September 13, 2013. Set on an Earth that has become obsessed with scientific and technological innovation by the year 2327, the story follows a ragtag team of people sent out on various missions by their employer, "Eli", as they endeavor to complete his 'job' offer: retrieving a set of keycodes hidden throughout the world in exchange for their greatest desires being fulfilled. Of course, such things never turn out so simple...

The official information site can be found here.


Connection Established contains examples of:

  • Artificial Human: The technology to build these has improved to the point where they can breathe, bleed and die exactly like a human. Anansi is suspected as such by certain players, but naturally the answer is up in the air.
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    • AIs are highly regarded and sorted into four different classes based on the multitude and complexity of tasks they can perform and how close they are to true sentience. Each category comes with certain use designations and restrictions:
      • Class I are the simplest model, and can be bought relatively easy out of all four classes (by the rich, anyways), though there are heavy restrictions on its use for personal lives;
      • Class II can usually be held by large businesses;
      • Class III may manage the infrastructure of entire cities, or used by the military, less commonly by megacorporations;
      • And finally, Class IV are the most complex unit, closest to true sentience, and restricted to federal governmental use or the overseeing of all affairs in a continental alliance.
    • The drawback to such a system is the higher the classification, the more sentience and intelligence, and therefore higher probability of going insane, though that hasn't stopped rumors in-universe about the creation of a Class V or higher...
  • Artificial Limbs: Prosthetics are now incredibly realistic and work almost exactly as the real thing, and are the first option most people with missing limbs turn to.
  • Biological Weapons Solve Everything: Played straight during the Cyber Wars, evident by all the genetic monstrosities that have overrun most of the world. By the time of the setting, though, everything's starting to shift towards robotics.
  • Black Market: Prevalent throughout Earth, notably in certain places: Jack procures several guns through his contacts involved in the LA black market, and Lyra's cousin Xiao practically runs this in Hawaii.
  • Cyberpunk: Connection Established walks the line between this and Post Cyber Punk; on one hand, there's an increasing social divide, crime and corruption all over the place, and many Crapsack World elements, but on the other hand, Earth still has stable societies and cultures, a middle class still exists, technology is depicted neutrally, and people aren't mindless beings nor selfish creatures only focused on their own pleasure, living pretty regular lives.
  • Designer Babies: Since the end of the 21st century, it's become an extremely commonplace trend, to the point where most people by 2327 have genetically modified genes, or can find such in their lineage.
  • Everything Is Online: The Network. A vastly improved version of the Internet, it connects and links nearly everything in the world, and people have grown so dependent on it to the point that it's the very foundation of Terran society.
  • Endangered Species: All of the animal kingdom is such due to mass hunting by genobeasts and shrinking habitats.
  • The Federation: Since the Cyber Wars era, most countries have created alliances with each other, generally within the same continental area, that have developed into this by present day. There are currently three major alliances:
    • North American Association: Made up of Canada, USA and Mexico.
    • European Union
    • Asian Federation: This is the most unstable political union due to conflicting views between its members. Made up of Russia, China, Japan, Singapore, and India.
  • Gaia's Lament: Zig-zagged, given that the environment degradation problem was solved (somewhat) with science and technology, and while vegetation is nonexistent in certain places, others have promoted ecological protection, integrating flora with architecture to get the best of both worlds.
  • Gaia's Vengeance: Sort of; chemicals and other substances have mutated regular animals, but humans have also created monstrous genetically-modified war animals—genobeasts—that now roam wild across the earth.
  • Nanomachines: While Bio-Augmentation is still reserved for the wealthy and famous, nanotechnology/augments have relative widespread use for many different purposes, ranging from increasing the delivery rate of drugs to accelerate the healing process in the human body to giving one the ability to generate and shoot fire from their hands. The Project Lapetus members are all augmented with such, granting them various superhuman abilities.
  • Neural Interface: A popular procedure, the majority of Earth's population have implants, the equivalent of having working computers inside the brain.
  • Police State: Many people in LA are afraid to speak up lest they get arrested.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Played with, given that certain androids have a "limited" kind of sentience while others act nearly perfectly humanlike.
  • Skyscraper City: Found all over the place; Toronto exemplifies this most of all, with glass towers spread all over the city as part of its elevated monorail system.
  • Underwater Base: Aestus is located on the sea floor of the Pacific Ocean, and is now the players' HQ since its abandonment and shutdown 200 years ago.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: It turned out at the completion of the Tokyo mission this is what happened to the VR game, implied to be through the effect of the keycode installed into the simulator system.


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