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Thomas the Wizard really is busy down here. He is just in the process of finishing off the largest game board he'd ever made! A few finishing touches, and he'll have a whole land to play about with! It's a little ambitious, yes, considering he'd never gone bigger than a village before. But he'd felt like stepping it up recently. His hobby had been dragging a tad, and his most recent attempt to spice it up had ended in him killing his son.
—Narration for Episode One

The Wizard has gotten a little bored of his regular Werewolf games and has decided to try something new. He's created a Bigger And Better game board to play a brand new game on. The only problem is that he doesn't know what pieces to use for it. And then he gets an idea. There's a box sitting in the corner of the room with the words ComicFury written on it, full of interesting and unique pieces, sure to make things interesting...

Yes, the Comicfury Crossover RP, as you'd expect, brings together a mixture of characters from a variety of ComicFury comics, all played by their creators. They wake up in a jail cell, having been ripped away from their worlds, with no idea where they are, who these strange people are or how they're going to get home. Things only get stranger from there, as they find themselves in a strange town full of bizarre things (or at least, to some of the characters, anyway).


The RP can be read here. It had to be moved from its original forum after it went down, but the first few threads can be found in the Sticky "The Dealio" in Bandkanon's post.

-Comicfury characters who make an appearance

And a bunch of cameos from other well known characters, although not played by their creators.


Comicfury Crossover RP provides examples of:

  • A Wizard Did It: Like in Comic Fury Werewolf, the one responsible for the whole thing is an aging wizard, with a tendency for deadly games.
  • Character Alignment: Included on the signup sheet.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: The zombies from The Other Grey Meat work exactly as they do in their universe. Which is a problem, considering they haven't had real brains in a long time, and now they've been placed in a universe full of them.
  • Retcon: As is typical of The Wizard, he can inflict this in-universe—any player who ceases playing permanently is removed from existence, a fate ultimately experienced by Skrael, Theo, Beth, and R.Z.
  • Talking Animal: Zeef, a catkin, turns up in Episode 3, surprising the heck out of Keiichi and Dane. Yuki, on the other hand, thinks he's adorable and takes an immediate liking to him.
  • Translator Microbes: Invoked in a CMOF. Language settings: All English.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: Whenever the party is split, two settings are used, with time passing approximately equal for both.


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