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Roleplay / Come Winter's Light

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The long night ends with awesome.

Come Winter's Light is an Exalted Modern shard chat game run by Anthiens, started on RPNation as a hybrid of chat and play-by-post. It is a weekly game, played over IRC.

The game started with the main crew Exalting at a street festival celebrating the launch of a mission to Mars. Over the past year, much has changed...

It has an overwhelmingly female presence, though Flawless Glory, a Deathknight, provides a male presence.

It began in 2014 and stopped receiving updates near the end of 2015.


Come Winter's Light contains examples of:

  • Butt-Monkey: Roxy. Oh god Roxy. She's got problems with her past life and hid in the caves under the Heptagram for three years, alone because she feared what the government would do to her. It has not done well for her sanity. Her past life was worse.
  • Childhood Friend: Anne and Bran, who have been friends their whole lives.
  • Fantastic Racism: "Greenies" or rather Haltans are discriminated against, being historically chattel slavery in the past.
  • Great Offscreen War: Heaven saw war long ago, but God is Malfeas, who is a demiurge-not the true creator of this world. Thus he won-for now.


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