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Cirque Mortum is a Dangan Ronpa based role playing group held on tumblr. It takes place in a carnival where eighteen students of Hopes' Peak are dropped off on a field trip. The doors swing shut behind the students as the last one files in, locking them forever. The only ways out of the carnival is to kill another student, and get away with it, not once, but twice! Will these talented students escape from the twisted circus together, or will they slowly succumb to despair?


There's all the time in the world for these students, so sit back with some peanuts and cracker jacks, and enjoy the carnival while it lasts.

cirque mortum contains examples of

  • Always Murder
  • Anyone Can Die
  • Big Bad: Monokuma
  • Body of the Week: There's at least one body discovery a week, and afterwards is a class trial.
  • Circus of Fear: The field trip takes place at a carnival, but there's also a circus there, too.
  • Class Trip: They were only supposed to be going to the carnival for a day.
  • Clear My Name: There are several hitmen in the class, which may cause other students to accuse them of being the murderer.
  • Characters Dropping Like Flies
  • Children Forced to Kill: You have to kill not one classmate, but two in order to escape.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death:The executions. The one for the first culprit involved being shot at repeatedly while preforming her final piece of music. When she's almost dead, the man who had stolen her eye had been the one who shot her and killed her.
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  • Death by Irony: The executions again.
  • Forged Message: In case one, Amelia had ended up forging Aaron's name onto the wall of the crime scene, and made it look like the victim did it.
  • Karmic Death: When someone kills another student, and they're discovered by their classmates, they get the axe.
  • No Dress Code
  • Not Me This Time: Aaron, who is a hitman, had his name written in blood at the first crime scene, making it seem like he did it.
  • Undignified Death


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