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Channel Despair is a Tumblr roleplay that is based off Danganronpa. As in the Visual Novels, a group of students from an esteemed high school and each holding a special talent are trapped together in an enclosed area and forced into a "Game of Mutual Killing" by Monokuma.

In this game, the 15 students find themselves trapped in "Channel 247 News Station" after arriving to partake in a Decathlon hosted by Usami. However, things go south after only a few days; Monokuma appears, turns Usami into Monomi, declares the Decathlon void and that its now the "Game of Mutual Killing", then finishes it all off by blowing up one of the students for breaking the rules.


Now the students are stuck, forced to kill. Will any of them fall to the pressure, will they escape from Channel Despair, or will they all fall at the hands of Despair? Plus, with one student among the group being a traitor, will the others find out who they are, or will they manage to fool everyone?

The roleplay started in February in 2015, and ran for most of the year before being abandoned before the climax of Trial 5.


Channel Despair contains examples of:

  • Cool Shades: Iris is never seen without their sunglasses.
  • Darker and Edgier: As most fan games tend to do, deaths and executions can be far more gruesome than those in canon.
  • The Mole: There's a traitor in the main cast who is working with Monokuma, and it's one of the main goals of the game to figure out who they are.
  • Mystery of the Week: There's a new murder every two weeks.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Due to players having actual lives, some may have to drop out, resulting in their OC dying. This is the case with one of the mods, resulting in their OC, Miss Mindkiller, being blown up for breaking the rules.
  • Timed Mission: Players and their characters only have a certain amount of time for both investigations and trials.


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