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The Cardian Syndicate is a custom Hunter Conspiracy within the world of White Wolf's New World of Darkness: Hunter the Vigil game. Cardians are members of a global criminal organization named so after their ranking system, which divides members into suits and numbers. They fight against supernatural creatures and monsters in order to protect humanity, though their methods may not always be 'lawful'.

In an alternate continuity from Cardians proper (supposedly more so than other divisions) a small, unnamed research and development division is the only thing left of the Cardians Corporation's hold in the Pacific Northwest of America. What started with the West division in Los Angeles, making way for Seattle, and many others after that, has been reduced to a handful of Diamonds, and three Aces to watch over things.


That is, until they began collecting a number of people, and requests began filtering into HQ, requesting permission for the formation of a Hunter cell. Not just the training of a few soldiers, but a cell like the ones that made Seattle and West as prolific as they were, before their destruction.

As if that wasn't enough the members of this cell all seem to have made contact with a strange, spectral figure only known as the Syren. Only after beginning to black out at her touch have they encountered Cardians itself, and their fate is still up in the air.

R&D claims to take place in the borders between the wilds and cities of the Pacific Northwest, setting foot in the ancient, old growth forests, vast plains, blistering deserts and urban sprawl of the area. It will shine light on the dark and the damp of the region, exposing the ugly secrets hidden within.


This branch of the Cardians started on April 30th, 2016, and at present time is only in its tutorials. It's comprised of veterans and newcomers to Cardians both, and is the GM's first campaign with the group. Sessions run every other Saturday at 5pm PST.

Here is the recap page!

Cardians R&D provides examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: While all Cardians divisions take place in their own continuity, this one goes a step further. Cardians itself appears in a largely different form from its usual mafia routes, but the moral ambiguity remains.
  • Dead Artists Are Better: Subverted with Tito Calderón Reyes, as his work got regionally famous after he went into a coma.
  • Evil, Inc.: While not outright evil, Cardians takes the form of a corporation with worldwide influence this time around, and definitely still has its fingers in some criminally active pies.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid:Once upon a time, Nami Sada was a very sociable, innocent sweetheart. That changed after her mother's death.

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