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Call to Order is a prequel to Song Of Dissent. Like Dissent, it takes the Mutual Killing element and setting of the Danganronpa series and the mechanics of social games such as Mafia and Werewolf.

The game follows the story of a group of students trapped in a secret location far from society by a monochrome wolf-like creature, forced to kill each other or find the Mastermind behind everything in order to leave. Unlike most Dangan Ronpa roleplay games, where the only “power roles” are that of the Mastermind and occasionally a mole, every character will have some sort of role that may help or hinder them in investigating and finding the Mastermind.


This game uses both Skype and Tumblr in order to play. In started in July of 2017 and concluded in February of 2018.

Call To Order provides examples of:

  • Big Bad: There's one person behind this all, but who could it be?
  • Fog of War: Fog prevents the students from accessing everything on campus at first. It gradually lifts as murder trials are cleared.
  • Magic A Is Magic A: Pretty much everything in regards to the Trials and Volitions seems to be magical, but there are some consistencies. For example, touching water in the Trials.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: In-Universe; Archie's stage persona is much more vain than he really is.
  • The Nicknamer: Archie has a nickname for everyone, because he can't remember their names. Every nickname also has a special meaning in Italian:
    • Yoshi is "Cieco", meaning "blind".
    • Daiki is "Principe", meaning "prince".
    • Marco is "Corna", meaning "horned".
    • Kaoru is "Doppio", meaning "double".
    • Zenjirou is "Zeppoleno", meaning "little doughnut".
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    • Kazou is "Pappagallino", meaning "parakeet".
    • Takumi is "Avvocato", meaning "lawyer".
    • Rowan is "Menta", meaning "mint".
    • Huang is "Galassia", meaning "galaxy".
    • Trixie is "Pauroso", meaning "eerie" or "frightening".
    • Emiko is "Vincitoire", meaning "winner".
    • Mao is "Nube", meaning "cloud".
    • Kiri is "Scavezzacollo", meaning "daredevil".
    • Hanako is "Compagno", meaning "partner" or "companion".
    • Kiyoko is "Violetta", meaning "little purple".
    • Tomie is "Polare", meaning "polar".
    • Minori is "Cercatore", meaning "seeker".
    • Touma is "Donatore", meaning "giver".
    • Ina is "Verde", meaning "green".
    • Iffi is "Blu", meaning "blue".
    • Alaric is "Rosso", meaning "red".
    • Rito is "Goccia", meaning "blob".
  • Ominous Fog: There's a seemingly perpetual fog over the campus.
  • Public Execution: All of the alive students are forced to watch the executions.


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