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Roleplay / Butterfly Crossing

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Butterfly Crossing is a Play By Post Mega Crossover RPG being ran by DarkKaizer and WarriorOfLight. It started on the TV Tropes fora, and are accepting new members to play characters to be introduced in the future.

Shima, a humanoid, multiversal varient of the Cheshire Cat, has kidnapped a son of the Great Butterfly. Unable to do anything about it himself due to a vow he took "eons ago", the Great Butterfly has gathered 8 promising warriors from multiple universes to fight in his stead. They are then sent to build an army in order to combat Shima's.


     Butterfly Crossing shows examples of... 
This is not for tropes detailing a character's appearance or personality. There's a character page for that. This is for Butterfly Crossing in general.


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