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Roleplay / Brilliant Despair: A Heartbreaking Voyage through a Deceptive Sea

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Surrounded by the boundless expanse of the sea, it's all too simple to lose yourself to grief...
"You couldn't believe it when it came in the mail, your very own invitation into the 79th class of Hope's Peak! But two months before school was due to start, you received a special message. It detailed an all-inclusive paid vacation on a private resort liner, the Radiant Sapphire. And better yet, the entire cruise would be reserved for just you and your soon-to-be classmates! So pack your bags and get ready to set sail alongside fifteen others on an experience only worthy of an Ultimate, but just remember, everything might not be clear skies and smooth sailing..."

Brilliant Despair: A Heartbreaking Voyage through a Deceptive Sea is a discord-based Danganronpa roleplay group, featuring a cast of sixteen original characters making up the 79th class of Hope’s Peak. Invited to a special luxury cruise vacation before they start their first semester, things go awry (in traditional Danganronpa fashion) when they find themselves trapped aboard the Radiant Sapphire, tormented by two questionably-sinister anthropomorphic sea creatures who lay out the rules of this game.

As the captain takes the sixteen students from island to island, there will be absolutely no escape, and the students will never see anyone they know or love again unless they manage to escape. The only way to win freedom? Simple: all they have to do is kill someone, and get away with it scot-free! Find success, and your expenses have finally been paid and you can leave the ocean liner. But get picked out as the killer, and an unfortunate end awaits you. With the rules laid out and an endless blue sea keeping them captive, the Cruise Trip of Mutual Killing begins…


This RP ended on November 2nd, 2019.

Brilliant Despair contains examples of:

  • Abandoned Area: The Radiant Sapphire makes stops once-per-chapter on entirely new islands. Each of them is completely diverse, but they've all been completely devoid of any life. In order on the trip:
    • Lead-in Island: A rather standard tropical island that seemed to be a humble fishing town before the students arrived.
    • Ruggedtooth Range: An archipelago that seems to be a tourist trap, featuring Chekhov's Volcano in the form of the titular Mount Ruggedtooth.
    • Jasharada, home of Rummy n' Gin's Bargain Bazaar: A Thirsty Desert with a formerly-bustling town including a diverse market square and a casino of all things.
    • Spidernose Park: A run-down amusement park that perfectly embodies an Amusement Park of Doom, the strange Spidernose serving as a mascot.
    • Chiyure's Cape: A cold, snowy area that proves to be far more urban and stable than the others... before it ends up being transformed into a mixture of the islands, becoming a lot more messed up.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: So far, every killer has had shades of this. To recap:
    • Chapter 1's killer, Oxalis, had killed in part out of self-defense after Kensuke attempted to murder him overnight.
    • Chapter 2's killer, "Finnigan", took a calculated risk, partially due to everyone's lives being threatened through the motive. He breaks down after being acquitted, revealing he's only fourteen.
    • Chapter 3's killer, Zhi Ruo, bargained killing a person in exchange for receiving information about her long-kidnapped sister. Additionally, she never meant to murder two people.
    • Chapter 4's killer, or rather, killers. Chisuto never planned to live past her trial, and acted in a moment of desperation. Kimura wanted to end the torture sessions, randomly poisoning a doughnut, knowing it might even cost him his life. It was just bad luck Chisuto ate it and died during the trial.
    • Chapter 5's killer, Tsuyuki, committed murder to stop the group from becoming complacent with the motive and eventually dying to the freezing temperatures as time went on, acting to protect them.
    • Chapter 5’s true killer, Hiroyo, is even more sympathetic, having activated a trap Tsuyuki set, accidentally killing Finnigan with no knowledge of such an act until it nearly gets her framed as the mastermind.
  • Amateur Sleuth: Not a single student in the 79th class has a talent relating to the legal system - yet, each chapter, all of them are forced to investigate and hold a trial to convict one of their fellow classmates.
  • Anyone Can Die: Each OC's player has the choice to volunteer their OC for death, meaning that nobody in-universe is safe.
  • Body of the Week: A death, at the least, will happen once per chapter.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: A given, considering a different person designed each of the wonderful OCs.
  • Chekhov's Volcano: This leads into the motive of the second chapter - the lava goddess Ka Hu'ena requires a kill, and if one doesn't happen in twenty-four hours, then the volcano will erupt.
  • Circus of Fear: This embodies the fourth motive. Twice a day, twisted carnival games are hosted until someone is murdered. To count, there were students being used as dartboards with razor darts, mystery boxes with sadistic traps such as fire and glass inside of them, a pachinko machine where you had bones cracked depending on where the puck landed, and a dunk tank that threatened to take away one of the five senses if the thrower missed the target.
  • Clear My Name: Frequently happens during trials, as suspects run rampant.
    • During the first trial, an incriminating note was written to a "Shyna", who happened to be Yukimura's Split Personality. Following the emergence of Shyna, she was brought into extreme suspicion due to her aggression.
    • Especially prominent in the second trial, in which three people ("Finnigan", Tate, and Zuri) were all supposedly kidnapped and planted with suspicious evidence in separate closets. Partially subverted when it's revealed that Finnigan was the true killer.
    • At the third trial, suspicion falls on both Tsuyuki and Miyo for not attending Genko's breakfast party, as well as Zuri for failing to show up and help her set up in the morning.
    • During the mastermind trial, Hiroyo ends up framed as the mastermind when it’s discovered Tsuyuki was executed when she should’ve been for setting off the deadly trap.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Per the usual style of Danganronpa, the executions the killers face are anything but kind. Regardless of what they’re about, expect the person in them to suffer greatly.
  • Darker and Edgier: Chapter four has tremendous shades of this. Not only is the island dilapidated and fairly terrifying, but the motive is basically just consistent torture porn in the form of stylized "carnival games" that have resulted in physical and emotional pain.
  • Deadly Game: Par for the course of Danganronpa-styled games, to escape, one needs to murder another. Losing the trial that follows similarly results in death through execution.
  • Dwindling Party: As to be expected. As of the end of chapter 5, there are 5 students (5 of the original group) left.
  • Dysfunction Junction: An obvious result of the circumstances. Not only does the game bring the worst out of people, but secrets and doubt only cause more stress and trauma to rise up. By the time of chapter 5, there are characters who have nothing but negative opinions on them.
  • Empathic Environment: Upon arriving at the fourth island, a heavy rain begins to pick up. This, suitably, represents the intense emotions that have been bubbling to the surface, increased due to Finnigan's late arrival.
  • Empty Chair Memorial: At each courtroom, a small photo is left at each dead student's podium. Additionally, their electro-pass bio is updated.
  • Everyone Is a Suspect: Due to the nature of the killing game, any of the characters could turn out to be the culprit.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: Every character is given this, based on their Ultimate talent; Kensuke has arrows in his irises, Miyo has swords, etc.
  • Famed in Story: Some of the characters are more recognized than others. A few have quite a lot of recognition, however.
  • Gilded Cage: Although the students are "trapped" on the Radiant Sapphire, they make regular stops at secluded islands, the cruise liner itself is decked out with fancy luxuries, and each student has their own room custom-made to their interests.
  • Given Name Reveal: The first motive. If nobody dies within 5 days, the seven students who have been lying about their names will have them revealed. A few, however, have been revealed:
    • Miyo the Almighty, Ultimate LARPer, revealed herself to be Paige.
    • Kimura F., Ultimate Chocolatier, revealed himself to be Koki.
    • Oxalis, Ultimate Graffiti Artist, revealed himself to be Adrik.
    • Yukimura Toshiko, Ultimate Chessmaster, was revealed to have a Split Personality named Shyna, Servant of the Queen.
    • Finnigan Faust, the Ultimate Butler, is revealed to be Drew, who is impersonating the butler.
    • Zuri Kamau, Ultimate Big Game Hunter, revealed herself to be Amelie.
  • A House Divided: Almost a guarantee in a killing game like this. Especially emphasized after the first trial, in which a controversial execution tore the group apart based on their morals and individual feelings towards the first killer.
  • Humans Are Flawed: It seems like, with every motive unveiled, it's always enough to tempt at least one person into legitimate murder. This is later revealed to be purposeful, as the mastermind created each motive to go and test the students, keeping in mind the five stages of grief.
  • Kangaroo Court: Not a single student here has a talent that actually would give them any experience in prosecuting or convicting.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang!:
    • When going to search for Finnigan, the remaining students end up going to different areas. Finnigan's corpse ends up being found when everybody meets up at the hotel again.
    • Genko is, after the group realize she's missing from said meet up, found with one of her hands practically destroyed, having been attacked, though she manages to survive.
  • Mythology Gag: A notoriously bad application by the name of Daichi Wada was given in the casting phase of the RP. Apparently, according to a poster found on the second island, he also happens to be a famous actor.
    "As of right now, the feature film seems to be "Attack of the Allifrogs", staring up-and-coming actor Daichi Wada. You have never heard of either of these."
  • One Steve Limit: Played with. There are two Kimuras, though Kimura is Katsuo’s last name while it’s Kimura’s first name. Played straight when it turns out Kimura is actually Koki.
  • Black Blood: Or in this case, pink, as is staple with the Danganronpa series.
  • Public Execution: This is the punishment that's enforced on any killer who fails to get away with their crimes. Each execution is catered to each killer and filled with Irony. So far:
    • Chapter 1's killer, Oxalis, is forced to run a devious obstacle course over bubbling pink paint. Climbing over fences, getting assaulted by acidic paintballs, and having to dodge police cars all surmise in failure, as he plummets into the paint and drowns.
    • Chapter 2's killer, Drew, is instructed to serve increasingly sadistic items to faceless figurines. From broken glass, to hot coals, to corrosive acid. Eventually, he becomes the next thing served, as his head is chopped off by a single cleaver.
    • Chapter 3's killer, Zhi Ruo, gets subjected to various different Chinese torture methods, including bamboo spears, whips, and knives that carve shallow bits of flesh out of her. This ends when she falls into a lake, vines wrapping around her and dragging her deep underwater.
    • Chapter 4's killer, Kimura, is covered in melted chocolate before being forced to run through a warzone towards his home, before his home is burned down with him inside.
    • Chapter 5's killer, Tsuyuki, is repeatedly stabbed with increasingly bigger knives by puppets based on significant people in her life as she is hanged from a rope just above the ground, forcing her to tiptoe to avoid being suffocated. The whole thing is narrated, which only adds to the pain she's put through.
  • Red Herring:
    • Considering the mystery nature of the cases, it’s to be given some are set up.
    • Invoked by the first killer, who framed themselves in a way that they appeared to be an obvious red herring.
  • Teen Genius: The characters are all this, in their own respective fields, having been considered good enough that they were scouted by Hope’s Peak. This ends up being subverted by Drew Faust, who is impersonating the very real Finnigan Faust, Ultimate Butler.
  • Translation Convention: Hope's Peak is based in Japan, and all the students are speaking Japanese. It's conveniently translated into English, just like in the games.
  • Virtual Reality: The students are revealed, during chapter 5, to be in a virtual reality space similar to the Neo World Program.
  • Wham Episode:
    • The end of chapter 2 has Tsuyuki chase after Tate for petty voting for her yet again. She ends up, while charging at him, breaking into the Captain’s Quarters, revealing the corpse of an unknown person inside, who seems to have been long dead.
    • The end of chapter 3 has the students, all emotionally exhausted, leave the trial room, only to discover Bottlenose and Captain Flippers talking. It’s revealed after that Alexandre, mentioned in some narration before, has come to rescue them and, oh yeah, he’s actually the real Finnigan Faust, Ultimate Butler, a member of the Future Foundation.
    • Chapter 4's trial has Chisuto revealed as working for someone higher up, and at the end, Hiroyo is revealed as the Ultimate Whistleblower, finally showing her full face for the first time.
    • Chapter 5's motive, which is interrupted by, presumably, the Future Foundation. Flippers is killed off by Bottlenose, the students are revealed to be in some sort of simulation, which is freaking out, and Bottlenose takes over and bans the students from the boat, leaving them to slowly freeze and starve to death unless they act.
    • The end of chapter 5 brings about the reveal that Tsuyuki is, in fact, also a member of the Future Foundation, the mysterious Agent Kaaba - And as it turns out, the students have been on the Radiant Sapphire for 3 years, and Tsuyuki is several years older than all of them, explaining her poor fashion choices. We also get a glimpse into the past, with a guest appearance from every student on the Radiant Sapphire, along with the mysterious green-haired boy, revealed to be Akitaro Reijiro, Ultimate VR Programmer, and the person to set up the sim the entire group is trapped in.
  • Win Your Freedom: It's simple, really. The cruise trip will continue on, unless you manage to kill someone and successfully avoid being accused during the following class trial.


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