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BlazBlue 3 RP is a forum RP going on at forum, based on of course the BlazBlue series. Due to the overwhelming discussions of "What would happen in the next game" and Word of God say that it would be awhile until the continuation of Continuum Shift, and since it ends on, you know, a Cliffhanger, the forumers decided to just go on with an RP to play around in what they would consider... the finale of BlazBlue series.


And obviously, there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS for the BlazBlue story.

The story begins as everyone heads off to Ikaruga. All characters existed, but there are A LOT of Original Generation characters. Only time will tell what would happen in there and what the bad guys are planning.

While not really achieving fame outside just the forum, it does prove to be pretty popular compared to the other RP on the forum.

Chris X is part of the RP-ers of this work.

Currently on the works: character sheet, Your Miledge May Vary and recap pages.


Tropes included in this RP setting:


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