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The Nameless


— Imperial Drone

A shorthand name to combine the initial story, "The Nameless", with it's Darker and Edgier sequel, "Big Uvreen". Tribalbent can also be considered the third part of the trilogy. This is a fantroll roleplay set in the Homestuck universe, without Sburb.

A nameless vigilante is said to be running around Alternia, culling any highblood who stands in their way. The criminal has been put on trial in order to appease the courts… but the troll scheduled for trial was simply a scapegoat. This was actually a conspiracy planned by the seadwellers in order to lure out the actual killer, nicknamed “The Nameless" by the population at large.

The sequel occurs after The Nameless is killed, and the aftermath that ensues between the participants several years later. The informant during the trials eventually becomes kismesis with a game contestant, upping the stakes and creating a galaxy wide reign in the fashion of Big Brother.


  • Abandoned Hospital: Quiet Lump. Where Pyramid Noggin is rumored to give out puzzles to those who seek it.
  • Actor Allusion: Xintir’s looks are based off of Donnie Darko, and the resemblance in their hobbies is obvious.
    • Don Quixote and Scipde has the same delusions of grandeur, chivalry, and latent psychosis that leaves the wielder a broken man once they are brought back to reality.
  • After the End: Tribalbent.
  • All Deaths Final: Nariad, Himera, Avalia, Aascam and Erixxa are all permanently out of the story.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Arguably when Sympha’s collar is unlocked by Eekook, a distraction is provided by Aascam, and Choros goes upstairs to distract the imperial drone.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Uvreen and AV fall under this trope, hard.
  • Amusement Park of Doom: Intentionally invoked. Xintir tries to make one himself to bring in new followers, but there’s a slip and slide.
  • Antagonist in Mourning: Choros, despite Sympha's survival, is obviously Not Okay with how the trial turned out.
    • Uvreen as well, bemoaning that most people have forgotten about The Nameless trial.
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  • Apologizes a Lot: Avalia, though you can blame it on her subservient caste.
  • Beautiful Void: Where the three yellowbloods, suspected to be the Nameless, appear during a dream. It’s just a pathway in darkness. Xintir invokes them for questioning.
  • Blue Blood: Levyat. Uvreen, though her refusal to show herself in public has kept her from associating with higher circles. Her subordinate is a helmsman she obtained through unscrupulous means.
  • Close-Knit Community: Xintir, Coreio and Visuum are arguably hillbillies that have banded together because nobody else is around.
  • Creepy Basement: Sympha has one of these. A large blood stain marks the flooring. It’s where her lusus died, though she won't speak of it.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: The Nameless, who is willing to kill innocent bystanders in order to topple the monarchy.
    • Choros bemoans the types of highblood that kill and manipulate senselessly in on of their furies. Over the course of The Nameless, he makes quite the pile of bodies in a hasty and panicked manner.
  • Insufferable Genius: AV.
  • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: Brought to a head when Uvreen considers a mind fusion with her helmsman.
  • Jungle Japes: Primat lives here, though she has fully embraced technology. She lives in a solar powered dome, but not for any practical reasons.
  • "Just Joking" Justification: Xintir, especially when it’s inappropriate or offensive. An example is when he jokes about breaking his moirail's legs because he loves her.
  • Know-Nothing Know-It-All: Subverted with AV, he actually does know everything because he’s been given access to so much information. Played straight with Gnoziz, trapped in the library as he is.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Nobody is invisible due to how downright ordinary he looks. Unless he does something crazy, that is.
  • Roof Hopping: Uvreen does this when chasing a certain Wu-Tang Clanist down for a date. Mostly a Matrix spoof.
  • Self-Made Man: Choros, though he puts emphasis on his connections.
  • The Bermuda Triangle: Xintir intentionally lures juggalos into his woods, only to leave them with the monsters. The darkness in the area is suffocating and stifles light.
  • The Nameless: The character who started it all, and allowed it to spiral out of control.
  • Unfinished Business: Namely Avalia coming back to haunt Uvreen by exploding all of her monitors. She eventually leaves, unsatisfied but placated by AV.
  • Genius Loci: AV controls all of the Eibaul estate, and eerily enough can feel when people are in the location. Upgraded when AV 3.0 eventually controls networks off-planet, even though the original is senile.
  • MacGyvering: Eekook does this a lot, especially during the break-in. Motion sensor detection, anyone?
  • The Alcoholic: Choros, post Nameless story.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Kraust fills this role for Ziggor in timelines where the Nameless’s memory is erased via voodoo majick.
  • Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!: Himera, the Followers, Alvara and Pulmin. It’s unsure if Aeviss, like her fellow yellowbloods, desires this.
  • Martyrdom Culture: The Followers. They try a last strike at the trial, but in truth it’s a suicide mission.
  • If I Can Only Move: Uvreen needs to reach her escape hatch, so AV stalls for time by unleashing an army of vacuums. It actually works.
  • Magical Guide: Xintir acts like this whenever he visits people in dreams, often in the form of a black dog. Yendan wishes he could just shoot him. Visuum also functions as this in Big Uvreen, attempting to heal the wounds The Nameless caused.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Choros.
  • Driven to Suicide: Avalia, after the trial proves all of her character development to have been useless.
  • Anyone Can Die: This is toned back in Big Uvreen, where it’s assumed that anyone still alive has earned it.
  • The Ageless: Due to Nobody Speshl’s very special kind of cancer, word of god is that he’ll hang around until the heat death of the universe. Being generally unnoticed.
  • Join or Die: Erixxa gives Choros this option, allowing him to return to society with nothing but a slap on the wrist if he won’t testify in court. This doesn’t end well.
  • Knows a Guy Who Knows a Guy: Choros often uses this as both a bargaining chip and a handwave.
  • Never Say That Again: Choros might as well have said this to Uvreen when she alludes to a BDSM relationship waiting for him.
  • Some of My Best Friends Are X: Chever, a seadweller, liked to use this a lot to defend himself against the Followers.
  • Racist Grandma: This is done straight with Erixxa, as she strives to be an awful old lady in everything but body. She’s 15.
  • Gentle Giant: Waltze. He enjoys tea parties, despite spending his life in the coal mines, working away to save for the future.

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