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Roleplay / Beyond Infinite Crisis

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"Don't worry,it's gonna be cool. Homer's on the job man!"
Bart Simpson assuring that the Battleworld construction setting is progressing smoothly while Homer fails to keep the jackhammer steady

Beyond Infinite Crisis is an ongoing Multiversal Forum Roleplay in RPNation featuring multiple characters role-played by different players in two worlds ("Battleworld" and "Mite-World") made up from different worlds from different series and franchises such as Marvel, DC, My Hero Academia, RWBY, Danganronpa, Persona, Hyperdimension Neptunia (Yes we're serious) and even series such as Star vs. the Forces of Evil, BanG Dream!, The Simpsons (Doh!), Love Live! and Kamen Rider.


This was one of the few,if not the only,Roleplay to have a page dedicated to in-universe stories that occurred outside of the events of the ongoing RP. It has mostly been submitted by the moderator of the roleplay, although there are plans to allow other members of the forum role play to be allowed to submit their own in-universe lore for the page.

Link to the Role play can be found here

Tropes Associated with the Roleplay:

  • Bad-Guy Bar: Literally. Post#1,753 has both Akira Kurusu and Celestia Ludenberg enter "The Bar with No Name",which was stated to be where New Tokyo's super criminals would hit and relax in. Subverted however as the criminals were never implied to be in the bar to draw out any nefarious plans of sort,only merely being patrons.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
  • Evil Laugh: Hadley Harper does this after the narration (and him) revealed himself to none other than Mysterio
    • Laughing Mad :Ushigome Rimi,on the other hand,mistook the man's laughter as him simply laughing hysterically over several internet comedy videos
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