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"Avatar High. Where we give students omnipotence to nerf them." -the words of the Grand GM. Imagine a setting, where nothing but pure insanity reigned, save for a few patient individuals.

An RP located on [1], Avatar High is just what is sounds like. A high school created by the site's local Omnipotent, ROB, as a location for various user's teenager-ized Avatars too go too school. However, a much larger overarching plot line has grown out of the madness.


This roleplay provides examples of:

  • Alternate History: More than a few of the students come from alternate versions of the earth; even more come from divergent version of their fictional origin.
    • Tank Man's Imperial Federation comes from an Earth that was conquered by the British Empire in the early 1800s.
    • Ideaforl33tmen's Nova Rome is from a universe where none of the ancient empires fell.
  • Anthropomorphic Representation: So many. Some include Mathilda, Embodiment of Balance, and Adrianna, Embodiment of the Void.
  • Apologetic Attacker Most of the AH crew are this towards Planetary.
  • Attack Reflector Mathilda' Balance abilities make her this.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: More examples than can be truly listed.
    • Some such examples include the basic Shoggoths of our friendly Eldritch abomination, other beings such as Kenneth who has been stated to be "the child of the Flood, the Bydo, and the Thing together."
    • Katyusha, a recently introduced character from Tank Man's Super Hero Universe, has, due to experiments preformed on her during WWII, had most of her body above her stomach replaced with a massive psionic organ which is coated in skin/hair and is wrapped around a bone frame.
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  • Both Sides Have a Point: Planetary and Avatar High both are trying desperately to protect the Multiverse and it's people. It's just that their ways conflict.
  • Crossover Shipping: Happens all the time. To everyone. Especially the people who haven't gotten shipped in a while.
  • Dark is not Evil: Azathoth, the greatest of the Elder Gods, lord of Madness and Insanity. plus, a kind old grandpa.
  • Determinator: Mathilda/Matthew counts, since he got a genderchange just for Sarah. (He has some issues.)
    • To explain this little tidbit, Matthew was in love with another character, named Sarah. The person playing as Sarah gave him a love trial that was ridiculously hard, then topped it off by having Sarah go, "I'm lesbian. Sorry, all your work has now been invalidated." Matthew didn't give up, became Mathilda, and the rest is history.
      • He still hasn't gotten the girl. It's doubtful he ever will.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Matthew's efforts have pretty much gone in vain. He keeps trying though.
  • Fantastic Racism:
    • The Brotherhood of Mars was a hate group that was against the Sectians Freedmen (Mantis Man); and the Human supremacists who think that humanity is best species in existence.
  • Fourth Wall: The fourth wall not only exists as a story element, but is also obliterated routinely. There are even some characters who pop up in the OOC.
    • The Main Villain has weaponized the fourth wall on more than one occasion
    • .... .. ... / -.-. —- .-.. -.. / . — .. ... ... .- .-. -.— / .-.. . .- ..-. ... / - .... .-. —- ..- —. .... / - .... . / - ...- / - .-. —- .—. . ... —..— / ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - .- -. -.. .. -. —. .-.-.-
  • Good vs. Good: The Planetary-AH conflict.
  • Reality Warper: Reality warpers routinely make an appearance. As well as weaponry too fight them.
  • Lensman Arms Race: Basically the whole purpose of the school; too push mortal's infinite potential into generating a force capable of defeating the Big Bad
    • The actual trope making Lensmen and Civilization are featured extensively within the RP, joining with other classical science fiction universe too create a force too be reckoned with.
    • This trope is also demonstrated with the IF, an personal faction created by user Tank Man. It's origional iteration got so powerful that it had to be locked outside of the AH multiverse and those forces within retconed back to themselves at the very beginning.
  • Love Hurts: Poor Mathilda... Having to go through ridiculous trials to woo the one you love is a pretty good example of this trope.
  • Mad God: Nyarlothep and Azathoth certainly qualify. Velk'rian (the first one) after being goaded into destroying all Planetary forces within a universe under their control.
  • Unreliable Narrator: Played too the meta, with the Unreliable Narrator being an actual character.
    • Alongside various other narrators, including the lemony narrator, the Noir Narrator, the Box Narrator from RP's
  • No, I Am Behind You: Mathilda's standard combat style.
  • No Sense of Distance: Played with; whilst many of the players have a proper respect for distance many others don't.
  • No Sense of Units: Again played with; although many do have a decent understanding of the units some tend not to. Or in the case of Tank Man send the other players into fits of depression from the sheer amount of units present.
  • Old-School Chivalry: Matthew/Mathilda's efforts to woo Sarah firmly lie here.
  • Woobie: Matthew/Mathilda has gone through a lot of terrible things in his pursuit of Sarah. It's a Running Joke that what happens next is that he/she ends up fighting some horrible enemy for her.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Happened to Matthew/Mathilda when it turned out Sarah was a lesbian all along.
  • You're Not My Type: Sarah pulled a damn nasty one on Matthew/Mathilda. After she kissed him/her.

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