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Roleplay / Attack On Lololo 4

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Attack on Lololo Four: Crusader's Skies, is the fourth in the Attack on Lololo games played on the Brawl in the Family forums, and the third hosted by Jasonguy 299. The game takes place many years after the Third Lololo War, which culminated in the defeat of the evil Grand Master Azure. Despite this victory, the people are still poor and miserable, as General Jasonguy299 and the Lololo Guard have turned evil, and are ruling with an iron fist.

Thus, a group of citizens have risen up to fight the Lololo Guard, attempting to end their rule. The game follows their journey through Castle Lololo, fighting waves of enemies in their quest to defeat General Jasonguy299.

It can be found here.

Has a character page in dire need of work. Go add your own character!

Attack on Lololo 4 contains examples of:


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