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The Annals of Beacon, a record of the most prestigious Hunters & Huntresses ever to attend and graduate from the Academy. Very few students, and even fewer teams, manage to make it into the archive. The deeds of these legendary heroes are carved into the pages to celebrate their legend... Will your story be worthy of retelling?

Annals of Beacon is a RWBY Play-by-Post Roleplaying forum hosted on Anyone can make a character, be it a student, teacher, villian, or even a canon character. Students form teams, attend classes and beat up bad guys and creatures of Grimm in hopes to one day be inducted into the Annals of Beacon! The forum can be found here


However, due to internal decisions made by the mods, the fanfiction forum has been closed and rebooted privately on proboards, following a plot planned out by all of the members. You can find the forum here to read, although it is not accepting new members (You do need an account though.)

This forum provides examples of:

  • Aloof Big Sister: Cinder is this towards Ember, although it is quite evident that Cinder does care about her. Greatly.
  • Benevolent Boss: Salem is one, like in canon, but Cinder has learned this skill from her as well.
  • Big-Bad Ensemble: We have Cinder and Salem from the series itself and the White Fang alongside a group of original villains.
  • Body Horror: The eventual fate of all hosts of Pestilence, to have their own bodies fall victim to a horrific degenerative disease.
  • Born-Again Immortality: How Umbra works, as she reincarnates into an individual and then slowly fuses her personality with that of her newest incarnation's formed personality.
  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: Ichor, due to her torture by the White Fang, and Ember, who had to do some pretty messed up things in her childhood for the sake of survival. This is also the case for Ember.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Whenever a teacher goes against a student, this tends to happen.
  • Divine Conflict: One occurred in the past between Lux and Umbra, at least until their deaths which resulted in the whole moon shattering incident. It is actually a still ongoing conflict between their reincarnations in secret.
  • Driven to Suicide: Cinder and Robin both get driven to this point, although both of them recover.
  • Duels Decide Everything: Marlow's semblance allows him to bend people's wills via games, allowing him to invoke this trope.
  • Eye Scream: June gets her eye ripped out by Cinder. Ruby avenges this later on, leaving Cinder in a state similar to how she is in Volume 4.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Marlow is definitely a friendly and sociable man to talk to. Well, until he ropes you into a horrible game. Rook is an example as well.
  • Hearing Voices: The fate of War's hosts, to be tormented by the voices of those they have killed in combat. Of course, these voices are actually the bound souls of the individuals rather than simply voices.
  • Heroic BSoD: Robin goes into one when she gets mindraped by Denial when he forces her into a flashback of her murderous past from her victim's perspective.
  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Salem has The Four Horsemen, her agents imbued with certain powers. They are Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War. Although they are technically Umbra's agents, stolen by Salem for her own usage.
  • Kitsune: What Stella is based on.
  • Lightis Not Good: Lux, the god of light, was not the best person needless to say. Although he wasn't evil, he definitely had some very questionable methods.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Naturally, but the forum has an extremely large cast, many of whom have plot relevance. Although the move downsized it somewhat, there is still an incredibly large number of characters to keep track of.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Melody is this to Delmar, along with Alba and Whitney to Robin.
  • Mama Bear: Do not mess with Priscilla's children, or else you will pay dearly.
  • Man in the Machine: Eliana, who's brain(partially) and heart are the only things still human about her. However, this is subverted in the case of Zephyr Nero, who's entirely mechanical, with his soul being the only thing human left of him with his entire body now metal, even his brain being replaced and his memories being simply data.
  • Mind Rape: Robin is subjected to this by Denial, who starts this subtly and then goes all out in a manner that utterly shattered Robin's psyche.
  • Missing Mom: Delmar and Melody have this with their mother, Ceres. Umbra is also this to the Horsemen as she is technically their mother, although they do reunite with her via her reincarnation, Maria. The same goes for Topaz and his mother Yukino, who he killed.
  • Our Gods Are Different: We have Lux, god of Light and the one who created all life and humanity, Umbra, the goddess of darkness, who acted as Lux's inverse and created the Four Horsemen and the concepts they embody, along with the dragons. And then there was Statera, "goddess"(closer to being a personified force) of balance, created to keep the two from getting out of hand and creator of the Grimm, the ultimate balancing factor to humanity. There's also Omni, who created the concepts of time and space and also created all three of them. The Horsemen, also, are technically gods but don't officially hold the title.
  • Physical God: Well, they were physical gods, until most of them died and thus were forced to either possess people or reincarnate. Only Omni and Statera still live to count for this.
  • Rebellious Spirit: Delmar Dakkar, natch. He is unable to trust any authority and pretty much only plays by the rules when he thinks it'll suit his end goal.
  • Spirit Advisor: What Nix becomes to Cinder. at least, after she lets go of her massive grudge against Cinder from killing her.
  • Snake People: Takeda, as a snake faunus.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Robin, although her personality is significantly more icy than most examples.
  • Symbiotic Possession: The relationships of Marlow and Pestilence and War and Cinder. Ember doesn't really like Death too much but is willing to cooperate with him, but Priscilla and Famine however..
  • The Dreaded: Nix, for good reason. Cinder becomes this after she becomes the Fall Maiden, rips out June's eye, and (unbeknowest to anyone else) kills Nix Drachen.
  • The Sacred Darkness: Umbra, the goddess of darkness, is just as benevolent as Lux and in some places an even better person than he is.
  • The Sociopath: Marlow is incapable of feeling any emotions other than the adrenaline he gets from playing games.
  • You Kill It, You Bought It: How being Salem works. When Salem is killed by Ember to protect Cinder, Ember therefore loses her horsemen status and becomes the next Salem.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: At least, for Maria this is the case. She is unable to resist her eventual merge with Umbra and therefore taking on her role, effectively having lost all form of agency and become a slave to her inevitable fate. The only out would be to die before it can happen, something of which Maria would never choose.


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