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The 4th installment of a chain of forum-based Roleplaying sites that deal with the Ultiverse, the amalgamated result of several separate realities merged into on chaotic mess. This site is a direct sequel to the events of Shattered Resurrection, which was a sequel to Final Destiny, which was a sequel to the original Open Worlds, which was started by the roleplayer called Caj. The site is run by Zukah as the head admin, Shiro/Gideon and Mox as Global Moderators, and Zhyne, Aidan, and Gozu rounding out the staff as moderators.


The plot of Amalgam Unlimited as mentioned above carries over from its predecessors:

Chapter 1: Open Worlds

His name was Relic.

A madman granted the powers of a god, Relic rose to the very pinnacle of his Universe only to see – through his newfound omniscience – that it was but one of many alternate dimensions that co-existed side-by-side with countless others. All he had ever known was but the smallest part of a much greater whole.

Relic had thought that his ascension to godhood would place him at the pinnacle of all existence. That he would finally be the true and undisputed Strongest One There Was. To learn that this wasn’t the case drove him to do the unthinkable. Committing an act so fraught with wanton disregard for the very fabric of reality that it endangered the lives of literally everything in existence, Relic set to work turning his awesome power to the incomprehensible task of tearing down the dimensional barriers between Universes, allowing one version of the Way Things Were, the Way Things Had Been and The Way Things Could Be to spill into another. Entire realities collapsed beneath and between the weight of their neighbours, with only small pockets of their original forms surviving – sometimes whole, sometimes amalgamated and mutated into something… different.

When the smoke cleared and the damage was complete, the Multiverse was no more. There was only the Ultiverse – the fused result of a thousand thousand different alternate realities. Chaos reigned. Relic finally felt some measure of accomplishment… but at the price of a great deal of his previously nigh-unlimited power. No longer all-powerful, the Mad God set about combing the newly-forged Utiverse in order to build an army.

Chapter 2: Final Destiny

10 years after Relic combined the Universes, a great and terrible battle was fought on a world between the realms of the living and the dead.

Seven challengers sought out the Mad God, intending to destroy all that he was. These challengers would usually have had no allegiance to each-other, but they had one common cause, and that was to rid the Ultiverse of the tyranny of Relic!

The titanic struggle lasted hours, and ultimately claimed the lives of three of the eight combatants. One of them was Relic himself. His reign was finally over.
The Paladin Mox, the twisted demon Reiji, the dark shaman Lazarus, and the good-hearted elf known as Raizin ended their alliance and turned on each other right there and then. After such an exhausting battle, though, they had no choice but to all flee.

But this left us with a question... who would restore hope in the Ultiverse? Relic was gone... but his legacy had lived on...

It was hoped that with Relic's death those enslaved by him to become evil would return to their old ways. This was not true. Relic's massive army of Dark Knights was no longer enslaved, but they were still evil. A man named Elios Murkbrood now stood as the greatest of the Dark Knights in Relic's fallen Kingdom, and his goal was to avenge his fallen master by finishing his work — corrupting the entire Ultiverse with Relic’s own brand of evil.

Chapter 3: Shattered Resurrection

It was only 5 years after Relic's defeat that yet another force came into power.
A group who would be known as the 'Fallen Eight' rose, each of them an exile searching for revenge against those who had cast them out — those who would not let them live in peace even amongst their own kind.

The Fallen Eight appeared like wraiths from the shadows. After spending so much time hidden, planning how they would exact their revenge, it was like they had appeared from nowhere when they finally made their move. Travelling through the major planets, the eight warriors brought death and destruction wherever they walked. However, strong fighters who dwelled in the lands of the various planets rose up against the Fallen. At first it appeared as though the Fallen were unbeatable — all who stood against them perished. But fate soon turned against the Fallen Eight.

Two of the Fallen Eight, Vorg and Chiyo, grew tired of the extreme and insane plan of their leader and so defected from the group. The six remaining members had no choice but to regroup and continue their assault as best they could, but their renewed assault was short-lived! Vorg and Chiyo had banded together with some of the strongest fighters they could find in the Ultiverse; they challenged the remaining Fallen Six, and after what could be likened to a bloodbath of a battle, five of the Fallen perished, leaving only the leader, the Final Fallen, to survive.

For a short time the Fallen went around the planets causing further destruction, not willing to see his plans of vengeance lost. But he was concerned what would happen if Vorg and Chiyo found him again. He was alone; he had to face that fact, so he made a very bold decision and travelled to the Planet of the Warlords where he met face-to-face with the strongest Dark Knight who ever lived: Elios Murkbrood.

Elios was swift to see the potential of the man who approached him, and so agreed to join forces. Not only that, but Elios offered a handful of his own Dark Knights to get the job done better. The planets were soon all reduced to wastelands at best. Earth... Availon... Nephritus... Arion... Barbanic... Sector 8... Odon... all of these planets were nearly destroyed! Only Edenia, with the power of the Paladins protecting it, and the Planet of the Warlords - Elios' Planet - were able to avoid apocalyptic disaster. Vorg and Chiyo were still alive, but they knew that they could never defeat the Fallen as he was now, not with Elios' protection. So they had no choice but to go into hiding and hone their skills.

Upon his final visit to Earth, which he complacently took alone, the Fallen found resistance that he was not ready for. At great cost he was finally brought down.

Elios had all along had nothing but his desire for conquest in his mind when he joined forces with the Fallen. He had no real desire to aid the exile in his psychotic plans for revenge; the total genocide of all races. No, all Elios cared about was extending the power of Darkness throughout the Ultiverse. So as the major planets were now all weakened, and without a care for the death of his partner, Elios began deploying forces to make hostile takeovers. This was how our third site began.

Chapter 4: Amalgam Unlimited

But what has happened to the five great beings who fought Relic? Tazuna, the man who made the final blow, seems to have vanished from existence. No trace of him can be found anywhere. Perhaps he died. Nobody knows. Raizin, the ninja who settled down to live in the forests of Availon, has become lazy. Spending so much time relaxing, hidden away from others, has left him as no longer the great man he once was. Lazarus, the great demon renowned for his insatiable hunger for the souls of his victims, has perished. He was betrayed by one of his strongest apprentices, Vayne Braxton, who was revealed to be an ex-Paladin. Reiji, the insane and cursed creature with an infamously horrifying fetish and lust for blood, grew so that all that mattered to him was entertainment; his grand bloody tournaments became more and more common until he was finally slain by the upstart Eigos, who now rules Arion.

Not all is bleak. For Mox has stood firm as the leader of the Paladins, doing all he can to defend the worlds ravaged by Elios and the Fallen. While Elios may be commanding hostile takeovers of every major planet, Mox is the one deploying Paladins to protect those planets. Ultimately, it has all come down to an even struggle between Light and Dark. If it were not for Mox and the strength of all the Paladins who serve him, then the Ultiverse would have fallen into an even greater darkness than it had been in during Relic's reign.

In the Ultiverse, times are now tougher than ever before. Due to the constant clash between Light and Dark over every world, and the interference of various other Anarchic forces in the struggle, reconstruction of the once great cultures is a seemingly impossible dream right now. Many of those who survived the apocalypse brought about by the Fallen Eight have either fled and gone into hiding, or are dwelling in refugee camps, trying to rebuild what was lost from the past.

As all realities were long ago forged into one, your character is limited by nothing other than your imagination!
Your character can follow any alignment or none at all, with a story of combat, drama, or both.

So, what are you waiting for?

[Amalgam Unlimited] Contains Examples of the Following Tropes:

  • A God Am I: Erruth pulled this on Shattered Resurrection
  • Anti-Hero: Many characters on the site. There's even a karmic alignment for it when you create a character
  • Alternate Universe: Almost every player character is from a different alternate reality who got sucked into the Ultiverse partway through their lives.
  • Battle Aura: Many of the characters, when they get enraged, have a battle aura.
  • Big Bad: For current plot Elios could fit the bill as he is the leader of the Dark Knights. For the back story Relic was the Big Bad.
  • Big Good: Mox the leader of the Paladins.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Many characters on the site snark quite frequently. Almost all snark in their thoughts.
  • Death Is Cheap: Played straight and averted. If your character dies you can bring them back to life instantly if you wish but if you do you'll definitely receive major curses from the Curse Master. Even waiting weeks to be revived usually incurs some form of curse from the Curse Master
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Can happen to characters before the author settles in on a definite characterization. On a meta level Open Worlds is vastly different from Amalgam Unlimited
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Of the Western variety. There are even fusion magics of two elements that negate an element.
  • Expy/Shout-Out: Basically every character is a reference to another form of entertainment, mostly anime and comics.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: The entire point of the overall plot is to let people use whatever type of character they want. Cyborg? Sure. Wizard? Sure. Half-Saiyan, half-dwarf that breathes fire and has psychic powers? Perfectly normal.
  • Fourth Wall: The characters themselves generally observe the Fourth Wall with some Lampshade Hanging thrown in for good measure. The narration is generally more lax but still stops short of No Fourth Wall.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Happens occasionally when players want to meet a character just to fight them.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: This can happen depending on character builds. It's much easier to build a straight warrior you can get ++s in 3 things and a + in another without having to take any minuses. If you want to build a "wizard" you have to spend exp on your magic and techs so you'll probably have to take some minuses to get everything you want. On another level characters with a 3 or more +s in power can destroy a planet while it seems doubtful a character with 3 or more +s in strength could punch a planet apart.

Individual Characters

    Aidan Alexander Braxton 

    Allecander Frac'sonne 
  • Elemental Powers: Born with the powers of an Oceansoul, Allecander has natural hydrokinetic and summoning abilities.
    • Making a Splash
    • An Ice Person
    • Summon Magic: Has the power to form temporary bodies out of water and then coax spirits from other planes into them. As payment for the brief vacation into the corporeal world, these spirits do his bidding while they are here.
  • Non-Human Humanoid Hybrid: Allecander's younger son is half-elf, half-aquarian.
  • This Is My Name on Foreign: When he first came to Earth Allecander initially disguised himself as a human and adopted the name Alexander Braxton. His first son inherited this assumed name, but by the time his second child was born Allecander had gone back to using his elven name.

    Butch Crawford 

    Doctor Sirius 

  • Death by Origin Story: Not only does Hrothgar die in his own origin story — his current incarnation came about through the deaths of four additional player characters.
  • Healing Factor
  • Horny Vikings: Plop a horned helmet on his head and you'd be set.

    Lucius Aurelius (Gideon) 


    Noino Featherdance 

    Serena Aurelia 

    Solaris Aurinko 
  • Angst? What Angst?: He tends to be one of the happier and more optimistic characters, despite what he's been through.
  • Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Sol's hair is described as looking like a flame, he wears red, and he's extroverted and brash much more likely to jump into a fight then actually plan it out.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Sol is generally a nice guy probably one of the nicer guys on the entire site but push the right buttons and you'll get burned
  • Beware the Silly Ones: If you met Sol on average day you'd think he's a complete goof constantly making jokes (many of them stupid) but then he goes and destroys an entire army of Erruth's followers, wins Eigos' Tournament and your realize that Sol is not someone you want to mess with. Could overlap with Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass
  • Butt-Monkey: Sol has, over the course of less than a year RP time: had his energy drained by a demon, been brainwashed by a demon, been kidnapped, been kidnapped from where he was kidnapped, forced to fight in a demonic tournament, returned to the people who originally kidnapped him, had his first love eaten by Vega, and more!
  • The Dulcinea Effect: Sol has been hit with this effect hard. To date he promised to help Rayna save the future after only knowing her for maybe an hour and their only interaction before that was her tricking him to kidnap Thomas. On a trip to a city he took out a big bald guy that was harassing a woman that Sol had never met. Finally, after a kidnapped woman showed up beaten to a pulp Sol went on a mini Roaring Rampage of Revenge to take out her captors who were holding other girls hostage.
  • Elemental Powers
  • Eye Beams: Sol's Heat Vision attack
  • Glass Cannon: Sol's initial build had +++ in Power and ++ Strength with only neutral toughness. Maybe not as extreme as some examples Sol still couldn't take much abuse
  • Having a Blast: Sol's signature move might as well be the bomb attack. On much higher level Sol's Inferno attack is a massive explosion
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: Sol's first love Alina was killed primarily so Sol would have a more personal reason to go after Vega. Particularly egregious since she wasn't even named until she was killed. Overlaps with The Lost Lenore.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: What Sol is now more or less. He only has one - and that's in resistance to water magic. For everything else he's neutral or has pluses in. Will become better a example once he gets a + in speed and agility
  • Magic Knight: Sol has +++ in Power, ++ in Strength, and a + in Combat Skill. In terms of sheer destructive power he can hang with any mage on the site with only Gideon outmatching him in offensive power and in terms of strength and combat skill he's towards the top of that too with no one being stronger and only a couple of people having more combat skill. Perhaps due to him not focusing entirely on being a mage Sol's techniques tend to be pretty basic
  • Multi-Directional Barrage: Sol's Inferno attack sends a powerful explosion all around him.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Sol does pretty much the intro paragraph to this trope when he hunts down a gang of rapists and burns/explodes them all to death.
  • Sword Beam: Sol can do this via his Cutting Flames attack
  • You Fight Like a Cow: Sol does this a lot, at least to random mooks hasn't shown up as much when he's fighting an actual threat.

    Thomas Creasy 
  • Anything That Moves
  • Jerk With A Heartof Gold: If you dig deep enough Thomas despite his gruff exterior does have a heart of gold. Beautifully exemplified in his interactions with Serena
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Even though he's leader of the Yakuza and all-around not a very nice guy, the general public loves him because he stopped the last member of the Fallen Eight.
  • Yakuza
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: Formerly possessed Light and Dark magic and could combine the two to use Chaos magic.

  • Badass: Quite possibly the biggest on the site which is saying something. In his fight with Solaris and Aidan two badasses in their own right he fights them pretty equally until the end and more than likely would have killed them ahd they fought one on one. Which is made much more impressive when you realize that Vega has a - to Fire and Light Magic resistance and Sol and Aidan have +++ in power, Sol in Fire magic and Aidan in Light magic. So Vega is going up against two guys who wield his weakness along with being a physical match for him and he dang near kills them both.
  • Blood Magic: Is capable of manipulating his blood, mostly to form blades of some kind.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Is not above punching someone in the groin or spitting in their face.
  • High-Pressure Blood: Literally. He has far more blood stored in his body than should be physically possible, and it tends to splurt out until he gets in under control.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Cursed with an insatiable appetite, Vega's favourite food is people.

    Victor Von Hector 

    Zhyne Ipsen 

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