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"Now boarding Platform 11037. Please present us with your pass to ride."

In today’s world, the subway system is still a major mode of transportation. It allows us to go to and from places we need, be it work, school, or for places to sight see for the day. Every day these tram lines are filled minute by minute with people just waiting to head off to their next destination.

But what if the only destination you were heading... was to your grave?


Sixteen students had no idea what they were in for when they stepped aboard that day. When a rather strange conductor came over the intercom, they knew something wasn’t right here.

All Aboard is a Danganronpa Original Character roleplay group whose setting is a mysterious subway system. It is hosted on Tumblr and concluded at the end of 2018.

Warning: all spoilers are unmarked.

All Aboard contains examples of:

  • Accidental Murder: Not every murder is completely intentional.
    • In the first case, Kanpei only meant to scare Suga, but ended up accidentally shooting him.
    • Quinn's death, as Takumi was not aware that the mechanism that freed Quinn was also rigged to poison him.
  • Anyone Can Die: Even Jenova, as shown by Chapter 5.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: The killer isn't always the evil one or the jerkass. Sometimes it's the last person you would expect: a nice one.
  • Big Brother Is Watching: If no one was watching, then why would they be here?
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  • Black Blood: As befitting Danganronpa tradition, the blood is a neon pink rather than red for stylistic reasons.
  • Body of the Week: Someone dies at least once every chapter. If you're lucky, it'll be more than that, like in Chapter 3 or Chapter 4.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: Each OC is created and played by a different person, leading to distinct character designs.
  • Clear My Name: It usually happens whenever somebody is accused of the crime and fights the charges, or when their friends do their best to help them. Key word: usually.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: The executions for the students, custom made for each one. Usually, they center around their Super High School Level talent, backstory, fears, etc. to make it as horrifying as possible. Occasionally, a murder victim also dies in a particularly horrible manner.
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  • Dark Secret: The third motive. The students are given the anonymous dark secrets of everyone, except their own.
  • Developing Doomed Characters: Mostly everyone here. Good luck figuring out which ones they are before they die. They currently consist of:
    • Suga, Super High School Level Mathematician, Chapter One Victim.
    • Kanpei Takasugi, Super High School Level Student Council President, Chapter One Killer.
    • Horoki Tatsuki, Super High School Level Pyrotechnician, Chapter Two Victim.
    • Shizuhiko Omori, Super High School Level Mycologist, Chapter Two Killer.
    • Yami Tora, Super High School Level Occultist, Chapter Three Victim One.
    • Choharu Umihana, Super High School Level Weather Forecaster, Chapter Three Killer One and Victim Two.
    • Zean Richelieu, Super High School Level Folk Dancer, Chapter Three Wrongly Accused.
    • Kuroneko, Super High School Level Monster Designer, Chapter Four Victim One.
    • Quinn Yap, Super High School Level Murder Mystery Host, Chapter Four Victim Two.
    • Takumi Amai, Super High School Level Sugar Sculptor, Chapter Four Killer.
  • Dwindling Party: Of the sixteen students in the metro at the start of the mutual killing, only 5 remain as of Chapter 5.
  • Dysfunction Junction: What else do you think when you have sixteen trapped people being told they have to kill each other to escape?
  • Earn Your Happy Ending:
    • Kill and win the trial, or stay here forever. Your pick.
    • Subverted in Chapter 3 with Oliver's successful escape having more to do with other characters' actions than his own.
  • Everyone Is a Suspect: The objective of each trial is to find out who is the "most" suspicious.
  • Famed In-Story: The students, although the extent of their fame varies from character to character.
  • Hope Spot: In Chapter 4, Quinn is finally found, and he's even still alive! Naturally, this event is followed by him dying only an hour later due to poisoning.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Considering its premise and the fact that it's a roleplay, the characters are not above poking fun at the supposed absurdity of their circumstances.
  • Mystery of the Week: Not necessarily every week, but surely it feels like it with a new murder happening every chapter.
  • Open Secret: The third motive. Each student is given everyone's anonymous secrets, except their own. Then subverted when it's revealed that the secrets were vastly exaggerated.
  • Reckless Gun Usage: The first motive. Since none of these kids are likely to have learned any gun safety, this naturally ensues. Honorable mention to:
  • Red Herring: Par for the course in a murder mystery. There's usually one or two big ones every case. Chapter 3 has the message written in blood and Tora's knife wound, both placed by Airi to scare the actual killer.
  • Teen Genius: All the students to some extent. They were initially accepted into Hope's Peak for being the best in their age bracket at what they do. Minus Akira. Sorry bucko, you paid to be here. It's later revealed that Alastair, or rather the person impersonating him, is another subversion.
  • Tonight, Someone Dies: Specifically every chapter, someone dies permanently. It might happen outside of the norm, should anyone make the mistake of breaking a rule.
  • Translation Convention: All characters are presumed to be speaking Japanese unless otherwise noted, even though the game is written in English.
  • We Have to Get the Bullet Out: The mindset held by some of the people trying to help Billy after he's shot. Talia points out that this could make things even worse.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 3. While it's to be expected to some extent, what with it being the obligatory secrets chapter and the first one with more than one victim, the results still ended up being incredibly shocking. In order of the reveals, there ends up being two victims this chapter (Tora and Choharu), the latter actually murdered the former, Airi is revealed to have messed up the crime scene, Zean ends up being executed due to a false confession, Alastair (Choharu's actual killer) has actually been dead all along and was being impersonated by his brother Oliver, and Oliver ends up being the first person to escape the subway. It's no surprise that almost the entire cast had a Heroic BSoD after this series of events.
    • Chapter 4 doesn't hold back either, featuring Quinn's return after disappearing in Chapter 2, yet another double murder (with one of the victims being Quinn himself), Kuroneko's (or rather, Rei's) real name being revealed and Takumi confessing at the start of the trial to her murder, citing self-defense, with it eventually being revealed that they killed Quinn by accident as well.


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