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Roleplays only 30% more dysfunctional than in Esquarium

"Hello everyone, welcome to the new region. I've also set up a new iiwiki page, with basic info about the region and a list of official states at the bottom. I decided to use ii over ns since it is more feature complete. Also im hoping to have the new map completed soon, allowing everybody to be added and fully develop you own nation with your own wiki page and history etc."
Midrasia's first (known) post on RMB (May 23, 2016)

Aeia is a region in NationStates (NS) and a community for role-playing fictional countries. In Nationstates, it is a medium-sized region that has recently risen to prominence. Unlike many other regions of NS, Aeia makes extensive use of IIwiki, a website dedicated to concountries.

The region was founded in 2016 by NS user Midrasia.

With 72 member countries as of March 2019 (users, puppet users, lurkers etc.), the region is not password protected and welcomes most newcomers. However, the canon is closed, meaning one has to become a member to participate in roleplays, which can be achieved by submitting an application. As of 2019, several countries have joined and left, but there are an appreciated number of people who have chosen to remain in the region for an indefinite time.

In contrast to some other regions, Aeia largely detaches itself from IRL entities, either by renaming them or replacing them altogether. For example, Scandinavian is renamed Lhedwinic, and Christianity is replaced by the fictional religions Alydianism and Trúathi. For the sake of reader understanding, the tropes and country descriptions have their IRL culture name attached to them.


Aeia contains the following tropes:

  • Everyone Is Gay: It sometimes appears upwards of half the region is LGBT.
  • Fake Memories: Retcons to well-established national traits have the tendency to leave large gaps in regional RP.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Religion: In contrast with other worldbuilding regions, Aeia is known for not using any real-world religions.
  • Flame Bait: Most people in the region have done this at least once, and especially common are extreme right-wing utterances.
  • Hand Wave: Various questions have been waived in terms of worldbuilding. Most notoriously, the plausibility of human migration patterns, if they have even been considered, are frequently tossed aside.
  • Verbal Tic: Crylante and Vrnallia favor the usage of "ah" as a response to, well, anything.
  • Women Are Delicate: Averted on quite a few levels. Female-identifying people such as Vrnallia know well to protest when needed.


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