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"It's the 80th century. Humanity has long left its cradle, its homeworld Earth, and forged its own way into the stars. But in all its vigor to march forward the humans forgot their cradle, until it was lost, and humanity dispersed itself amongst the endless void of space.
Millenia have passed, new nations arose, every single one with its own goals, its own destiny.
Now, 5000 years after humanity's fall, it is time to decide the fate of the nations, Empires and fleets that roam the stars.
What will happen to yours?"
— Opening narration

An RP located on, whose purpose lies in creating an interstellar civilization and maneuver it through the galaxy. War, Diplomacy and Trade are all directed by the players.

The RP can be found here: [1] and the OOC thread here: [2].

Tropes present:

  • Cool Mask: Some Tyrkarian tribes of the Ryukh Empire, notably the Titanborn and the Ironblooded among others, wear personalized masks as they believe that the face is a window to one's soul and to serve as protection. In many cases this reaches over to Cool Helmets as full helmets are more practical in the interstellar age.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus: Crossing over with God-Emperor the Ryukh worship Kyro Antus, a Warlord that united the warring tribes, dragged them into space and was declared the first Emperor. There is also the Meteor Cult, who the Kyro Antus worship stems from, who believe in Spirits and that the Meteor that put the Empire's homeworld into a wasteland was sent by them to burn weakness and corruption out of them.
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  • Death Seeker: Ryukh Bloodraiders and Reavers are the 'Berserkers' of the Empire, and consist of warriors that lost their honor, will to live or committed a severe crime that didn't warrant a death sentence. However, they are still seen as the best infantry the Ryukh have to offer.
  • Final Solution: The Ryukh Empire wiped out a species called 'Sphenrix' by reprogramming their war drones from 'Kill all non-Sphenrix' to 'Kill all Sphenrix'. However, the entire Ryukh-Sphenrix war was a 'us-or-them' situation for the Empire and they didn't have much of a choice, as the Sphenrix refused to surrender or to negotiate a ceasefire.
  • Four-Star Badass:
    • The President and highest-ranking commander of the Eastern Fringe Republic hunts dangerous alien animals in his free time and commands his soldiers. Not from a command post, but while pumping Railgun rounds into the enemy.
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    • Ryukh Warlords, their Battlemasters and their Sentinels fight alongside regular warriors on the Battlefield. Special mention goes to Warlord Torren of Majuvik, as he jumps into his Armor once he knows that an enemy set foot on the sands of his home planet.
  • Humongous Mecha: The Titanborn tribe of the Ryukh Empire pilots 'Armors' that are controlled via a neural implant which allows them to move the mechs as if they were their own body. Whenever a Titanborn reaches adulthood (20 years of age) they build their own Armor with no help besides the Pju that is going to serve as the on-board repair and maintenance crew. But even then the majority of the work needs to be done by the Pilot. The humanoid design makes it easier for the pilots to accustom to the controls, and also allows them to transfer training outside the mech to their combat strategies in the cockpit.
  • Low Culture, High Tech: The Ryukh Empire are basically post-apocalyptic raiders led by Warlords that managed to regain spaceflight. However, they are an aversion of the Trope, as they advanced after several brutal wars in the past, so they actually have things like sports, celebration days, a fully-fledged religion and even developed media like music and video games.
  • Power Armor:
  • The Dark Matter Empire also employs quantity of Power Armor on the Military Side of their forces, some even come with energy shielding and cloaking.
  • The Thunderforged tribe of the Ryukh Empire even more than the SCS, as every member of a Forged Clan wears tank-grade Power Armor whenever they are not sleeping (sometimes even then).
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: The Ryukh Empire is always at war with someone, but isn't actively looking for war. They are also okay with people that don't want to fight but are able to do so if needed, but actual Pacifists that just refuse to fight no matter what are seen as the worst scum by the average imperial citizens.
  • Space Pirates: The Corsairs of the Ryukh Empire. However, despite their name, they are more explorers, traders and mercenaries than actual pirates.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: If a civilization has slavery, the civilization ceases to exist once the Ryukh Empire finds it. With the slaves freed.
  • Warrior Heaven: The Ryukh believe in a place called 'Plains of Fathers' which is described as a mix between Valhalla, the Elysian Fields and the abrahamic Heaven. However, it is an aversion, as it isn't restricted to warriors, but to people who lived by Justice and Honor. Bloodraiders and Reavers want to die in battle to get there.

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