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Dwelling on Dreams is a Discord-based Persona AU Roleplay that takes place in England.

Two prestigious schools opened their doors: One being Arcadia Falls University, the other being Arcadia Falls High.

But not all is well, as there is an evil that lurks in every person's heart: Dreams.

To combat these evil dreams that corrupt certain people, two warring gods recruited a variety of people and bestowed them gift of "Persona", allowing them to enter dreams and fight for justice.


One of the gods, Nemesis, seeks for Order and Retribution. The other god, Eleos, seeks Chaos and Redemption.

Although these two factions oppose one another, both strive for the same thing: To heal the corrupted dreams before they can blend into reality and change the world forever.

Dwelling on Dreams provides examples:

  • Adventure-Friendly World: The characters are high school students in London leading mostly ordinary lives, but when nighttime hits, they can enter a Mental World called the 'Dreamscape' to fight Shadows in places created by humans with twisted dreams. Toy weapons obtained in the real world work like actual weapons in the Dreamscape, allowing the Persona users to fight back.
  • All for Nothing: Curing Wentworth Root's heart was all for naught, as he died to Nea's attacks in his Dreamscape. Word of God says that no matter what, Wentworth would have died.
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  • Anti-Frustration Features: The Roleplay was updated to add a Resistance stat and it removed the need to gain Social Link points to rank up the Social Links between the characters, allowing them to rank up everytime the two players decide to do a Social Link. In addition, more daily activities have been added to facilitate point gain for Social Stats.
  • Arc Villain: Several as time passes. The first one, Alexander Root, was given to the Persona users by Grim. Since then, Nea has turned into one herself.


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