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  • Skyler Page, the creator and former voice of Clarence, was fired from Cartoon Network after a number of incidents related to his increasing mental instability, the last straw being when a storyboard artist for Adventure Time accused him of sexually assaulting her. Both positions were then taken over by writer Spencer Rothbell.
  • The directing career of Disney and Warner Bros. animator Earl Duvall, best known for his work on the Silly Symphonies at Disney and the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons at Warner, was abruptly halted 1934 by a salary dispute with producer Leon Schlesinger resulted in him being replaced by Jack King. It also didn't help that Duvall was an alcoholic at the time. After his Warner stint ended, Duvall became Ub Iwerks's story artist and returned to Disney before his retirement and eventual death in 1969.
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  • Voice actor Greg Burson was fired from Looney Tunes in 2003 because of his struggles with alcohol, not to mention his 2004 arrest for kidnapping. He later died in 2008 after being absent from the business for five years.
  • Chris Savino was suspended and subsequently dropped from The Loud House following numerous claims of sexual harassment and threats of blacklisting his co-workers following the end of consensual relationships which had gone back as far as 2004 over multiple productions that he'd been involved with. Story editor Michael Rubiner took over his position as showrunner.
  • Comedy Central cancelled T.J. Miller's animated show, The Gorburger Show, before it aired after word broke out about Miller's sexual assault allegations. After said sexual assault allegations, Miller got in even more trouble after a former friend accused him of transphobia, and Miller called in a fake bomb threat to get revenge. While he didn't lose his role in Deadpool 2 (due to being in its final editing phase at the time), Ryan Reynolds has said he is not going to be called back for a hypothetical sequel or X-Force film. He also got kicked off of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, and predictably, his role as Fred in Big Hero 6 was taken over by Brooks Wheelan in future media.
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  • Carlo Bonomi, best known for providing all of the voices in the Swiss stop-motion series Pingu, was, in a sad note, deemed unable to reprise his roles when HiT Entertainment UnCanceled the series six years after the last episodes of the original series were produced. Although the exact reason for this is unknown, it's been said that Bonomi's inability to learn or speak English with his new executives from London became too much for them, and was consequently dismissed. Two local actors from London, one of whom had Italian ancestry similar to Bonomi, took his place instead.
  • In his first cartoon appearance, Popeye was voiced by William Costello. However, Costello's behavior came in conflict with The Hays Code and he was booted off the role and replaced with the much more memorable performance of Jack Mercer.
  • Joe Dougherty, the original voice of Porky Pig, was dropped by Warner Bros. as his inability to control his stutter made it difficult for him to work with the crew. He was replaced with Mel Blanc beginning with the short subject Porky's Duck Hunt. It didn't help Dougherty that Blanc would end up becoming a staple for WB's Looney Tunes characters over the next several decades, fame that Dougherty never enjoyed, nor that said stutter also threatened the career of fellow WB staple Friz Freleng.
    Friz Freleng: He would begin to recite, but then he'd get stuck. He just couldn't get off certain words. We were recording on film at the time, and the film was running, and I figured, boy, if they find out how much film I used just to make a cartoon, they'll kick my ass off the lot.
    • In retrospective, casting Dougherty in the role was considered a mistake. In I Haven't Got a Hat (1935), Porky's first appearance, it was considered amusing to cast a stuttering actor to play a stuttering character. It helped deliver some amusing scenes, but Dougherty only had to record a few speaking lines. Porky soon became the studio's biggest star, with his own sub-series. Dougherty had to appear in an ever increasing number of films, and to record most of the dialogue for them, while still being unable to control his stutter. While the whole series made him funny, it also made him extremely difficult to work with. He was kicked out of the series in 1937, and the rest of his career was spent with him as an extra in live-action film and television productions. Dougherty died in 1978, mostly forgotten by anyone not interested in animation history. His replacement Mel Blanc voiced the character in almost all of Porky's appearances between 1937 and Blanc's death in 1989. 52 years of Blanc vs. 2 years of Dougherty. Guess which one is better remembered.
  • There are conflicting accounts as to how John Kricfalusi was fired from The Ren & Stimpy Show, but all of them fall under this trope.
  • Rachel Butera managed to torpedo her role as Leia Organa in Star Wars Resistance before the show even premiered. Less than two weeks before the series' October 7, 2018, premiere, Butera posted a video online mocking the voice of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, which was during the extremely controversial Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault accusation scandal, prompting calls for her to be replaced. When "Station Theta-Black", the first episode with Leia in a speaking role, aired on December 9 of the same year, the credits revealed that Butera had been recast with Carolyn Hennesy.
  • Jason Biggs was replaced on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) after sending some rather suggestive tweets about the 2012 Republican National Convention, right after Nickelodeon used the show's official account to promote him on Twitter. Leonardo was voiced by Dominic Catrambone for the rest of season 2, and then by Seth Green for the rest of the series after Season 2.
  • According to Transformers Wiki, Chris Latta (the voice of Starscream in the G1 cartoon, as well as Wheeljack, Reflector, and Sparkplug) had to be bailed out of jail so often that his characters were killed off in the movie. He still worked on the show in minor guest spots (such as a Cobra Commander crossover, Starscream's ghost, a Sweep, and a Headmaster in the three-part series finale), but not as a regular.
    • He continued to work on G.I. Joe (produced by the same company) despite this, although in a reduced capacity; it seems rather fortunate that Hasbro had decided to introduce a Cobra Emperor to the toyline, and Serpentor's presence in the series reduced the Commander to... well, The Starscream. DiC even brought him back when they revived the series for two more seasons (and put the Commander back in charge, to boot).
  • Phil Vischer who created VeggieTales lost his reign of creative control after his company Big Idea was under fire in the early 2000s. According to him in his podcast, this happened after a new producer was mad at him when a production was shutdown that the new guy was working on. So, when Classic Media rescued the company, the producer put under the contract that Phil shouldn't be in control of Big Idea; hence why Phil was reduced to just writing episodes and voice roles afterwards. The producer later apologized much later about what happened and they became good friends, but Phil thinks that it was God telling to let go of his creation.
  • Julia Vickerman was fired from Twelve Forever for mistreating other crew members. She was replaced as showrunner by Shadi Petosky. It didn't help that it had also come to light that she wrote a story on her Tumblr (that has since been taken down and her Tumblr deleted) in which she stalked an underage boy and even tagged it as "pedophile".


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