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  • Josh Macedo started as a very popular blogger from Tumblr and, without exaggeration, rose to the status of internet celebrity with YouTube and Vine channels and legions of fangirls, thanks to being the starter of two memes, cosplaying (at one point his likeness was even fan-casted as Cecil's from Welcome to Night Vale), selfies in bowties, a fashionably geeky Internet persona but, most importantly, because of his many pro-feminism blog writings and outward image of an "enlightened", pro-social justice, anti-misogyny and gender-conscious male nerd. That was until September 2013, when an underage former fan came forward revealing that Josh had sent her sexually explicit messages and pictures of him masturbating, More women came forward telling stories of receiving similar pictures and unwanted inappropriate messages from him, or how he had manipulated and pressured them for sex. With his once loyal and devoted fandom turned completely against him and his reputation in tatters, Josh Macedo deleted his blog and YouTube channel on September 20, 2013 and vanished from all internet public life.
  • YouTube content producer, musician and comedian Alex Day was at one point one of the most popular British Youtubers, with 1.1 million subscribers at his peak in January 2014 and a reputation for being a very talented musician that was capable of managing and marketing his work without any record company backing him. Shortly after he reached his peak, a few fans came forward with claims of sexual abuse and manipulation. More people (a few of whom were underage) came forward shortly after that with their own horror stories. Day eventually admitted to being emotionally manipulative (to this day he denies having relations with underage fans or having actually raped anyone, although Youtuber Beckii Cruel says that his interactions with her during her teenage years were at best inappropriate) and the community at large began ditching him, with his band Chameleon Circuit breaking up in part because of his actions, his one-time best friends Charlie McDonnell and Liam Dryden publicly ending their friendship with him, and the publisher for his first book dropping him weeks before his release was due. DFTBA Records also dropped him from their label, allegedly at his request. Since the revelations came to light and his badly thought-through attempts to explain backfired, he didn't upload a video for months, his subscriber numbers have dropped relatively sharply and his social media accounts were mostly wiped clean.
    • As of October 2014, Day appears to be trying to make a comeback, uploading videos again and trying to sell his book independently. Some of his fans have been won over by his explanation and he has managed to sell some copies, but many other users of the site, including an overwhelming number of his former friends and victims, have not forgiven him and his subscriber count has decreased rapidly, to the point that he's now gone below 1 million subscribers and is now projected to lose half his current subs within the next few years. He has since announced his plan to retire the "nerimon" channel and start on a new channel, which is not doing as well.
  • Around the same time that Alex Day suffered his scandal, Tom Milsom, a relatively popular British Youtuber and musician, was exposed for an inappropriate relationship with a fan that was underage, culminating in an incident of statutory rape (the girl was sixteen, the age of consent was seventeen, Milsom was in his early twenties at the time) after a history of emotional manipulation. The fact that Milsom behaved inappropriately around other fans, plus the news that the girl had suffered from prior abuse at the hands of her parents, quite understandably got Milsom exiled from the community (particularly after an allegation of him getting sexual with a fourteen or fifteen year old boy), made him declare his Twitter dead, got him dropped from DFTBA Car and caused him to delete all but three of his videos. He hasn't uploaded since. He has since found work in a relatively minor band, but that project is unlikely to ever reach the levels of fame that his past work did.
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  • Edd Blann, relatively popular B-list Youtuber and fellow member of Chameleon Circuit, was technically exposed in August 2013, although it took a while for all of the accusations to come to the public eye. The allegations in question were also of sexual and domestic abuse, in which his now ex-girlfriend claims Blann forced himself on her repeatedly and then hit her when she called him out on his behaviour. This caused DFTBA to publicly drop him and fellow band members Charlie and Liam to publicly sever ties with him. While Blann wrote a song to try and essentially admit that he had his flaws, it only rallied the community against him, particularly after it became clear that he had been deleting both criticism and the comments of one of his victims. The comment in question? Her begging him not to return, since it was actually making her efforts to recover much more difficult. Since then, his efforts to return (generally in the form of "Trock" videos) have been met with general hostility and his Twitter was at one point made private, though it has since returned to normal. He claimed in a post in February 2015 that the allegations were false and that the police had been investigating him (later dropping charges), but the community at large does not seem to believe him on that last part.
  • YouTuber Sam Pepper was dropped by his network, Collective DS, in September 2014, subsequently being stripped of his "partner" status by YouTube. The reason for this was that he uploaded a video called "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank", which consisted of him pinching women's butts and distracting them with a fake hand; the ensuing backlash led to him becoming an overnight joke among his now-former friends and YouTube removing the video. Pepper then went on to upload a second video with a girl doing it to guys, only fueling the backlash further and getting the second video canned. His third video in the series involved his claim that the series had been a "social experiment" and that everyone involved had given their consent. This was seen as blatant backpedalling by the community at largenote , and by this point the floodgates were opened with people coming forth and giving their very NSFW stories about Pepper sexually assaulting them, some of which are being legally brought forward with support from Laci Green. He has also been blacklisted from YouTubers React, Vidcon, Summer in the City, Playlist Live and DigiTour, with various co-stars disowning themselves from him and removing videos that featured him in some capacity.
  • From the Yogscast:
    • Tinman, one-time website manager, was fired for redirecting ad banners and revenue, embezzling somewhere between $18,000-$21,000.
    • Peva, a web designer who had designed many of the websites for the group, was eventually fired after a falling out with some members of the Yogscast.
    • GameChap and Bertie eventually severed ties with the Yogscast after they insulted several Yognaughts on the Yogscast subreddit in response to some relatively mild criticism. Unlike Tinman and Peva, they were able to keep a web presence, but further scandals related to their stealing material (or at least failing to properly credit the creators) caused their subscriber growth to stagnate and their view count to drop considerably. On top of that, their Orwellian Editor habits caused them to ban any critics, in turn driving away several fans and moderators from both forums and channel, only making the decline worse.
    • On the flipside of it, TotalBiscuit officially ended his working relationship with the Yogscast after Simon Lane insulted him by calling him a "crying pissbabby" [sic]... over a comic book, no less. He still worked and communicated with other members such as Strippin, Sips and PyrionFlax, however.
  • Infamous YouTuber "Keemstar", of "Drama Alert" and "Federation of Asshole Gamers" (abbreviated to "F@G") infamy, has had his channel suspended on YouTube (as with his gamertag) at least ten times over the years, for trying to sell partnerships on the site (which is illegal) and for behaviour which was generally considered inappropriate. However, being the Determinator he is, he tends to create a new channel afterwards and continue until that gets banned, and so on. He was later banned outright from UMG after tweeting a false rumour that was spread by a kid about the then-head of UMG (as well as insulting the American military, who occasionally sponsor tournaments), causing Keem and his fans to bully Chris to the point he resigned.
  • YouTuber and musician Mike Lombardo was dropped from DFTBA records in February 2012 after allegations of possessing child pornography came to light. He was later sentenced to five years in prison in February 2014, and his channel was also deleted.
  • YouTuber Kelly Montoya was eventually forced to disappear after numerous allegations of sexual manipulation and rape, in early 2014.
  • Alex Carpenter, another YouTuber and musician who was big in the "wizard rock" community, was also forced to disappear after it became apparent that he had sexually assaulted at least two of his former partners, emotionally abused and manipulated a few others and started a relationship with a fan when she was below 18 (the age of consent where she and Alex both lived at the time). Though she claims they didn't actually have sex until it was legal, the interactions were somewhat sexual in nature and there are reports of similar behavior with other underage fans. His attempts to pose as an anonymous supporter of one of his victims later backfired when he forgot to comment anonymously, at which point he finally left the internet in disgrace. DFTBA dropped him as well.
  • Welsh Youtuber Adam Roach, aka "TheGearsKeepTurning", was exposed in early 2014 for a variety of reasons, including sexually abusing one partner, trying to solicit nudes from a minor and emotionally manipulating fans into sex with him (while in a relationship, several times). The subsequent backlash caused him to not only stop posting videos, but to delete his Twitter, Tumblr and channel. At present, the only account he has remaining is his Google+ account, which hasn't been updated since October 2013.
  • Youtuber Travis Neumeyer (known as WhatTravisSays and for being a huge Doctor Who fan) was exposed in April 2014 for pressuring younger fans and/or into sending nudes (often with some incredibly dehumanising message), trying to manipulate them into taking nudes with friends, sending unwanted photos of himself masturbating to them, thinking up rape fantasies and constantly threatening them with it to their face, then told the same person to have sex with their very young sisters and dogs (they didn't comply) and then emotionally abusing them when they wouldn't play along. The ensuing backlash caused him to disappear.
  • Harry Gilliatt, bassist of the band "seaqueens" and also known as "Hard G" or "sharkpilot", was exposed in 2014 for emotionally exploiting at least two fans who either had previously suffered from abuse at someone else's hands or were suffering from mental illness, pressuring girls (who were not eighteen) into sending him nudes and so on. The backlash caused him to publicly declare that he was leaving the internet, with "seaqueens" disbanding not long afterwards and its remaining members openly cutting ties with him before moving on to form "Wooden Dogs" instead.
  • British Youtuber Craig Dillon was accused of raping eight men in November 2014, with several disturbing allegations, the NSFW details of which can be found at this masterpost. His flippant attitude to the allegations was initially not helping (essentially telling victims that they should not use Tumblr to make people aware of bad behavior, instead going to the police), but it later became apparent that he had been essentially posing as his own lawyer in an effort to deter victims from speaking out (a criminal act which violates both the UK Fraud Act 2006 and the Solicitors Act 1974). His web presence has since dropped almost entirely, with no new videos and tweets that generally evade his accusations.
  • British YouTuber "Lukesbeans" was a relatively small but popular YouTuber that, ironically, spoke out against other abuse scandals on Youtube. However, he was exposed in November 2014 when allegations came out of him being emotionally abusive to former friends, making depressed people feel worse about themselves and then trying to justify it by using his Asperger's Syndrome as an excuse. This all came to a hilt, however, when a former friend recorded a phone conversation (NSFW) where he lied about it until said friend (who initially had reservations about exposing Luke, but eventually decided that things were going so badly that action had to be taken) confronted him with actual evidence that he'd been sending NSFW pictures to underage fans, causing him to confess. After all this, he was forced to disappear, having not uploaded since late October.
  • Youtuber "KarimAbridged" was a fairly popular user of the site until he was caught up in the sexual abuse scandal on Youtube. The allegations consisted of him soliciting nudes from minors and being inappropriate with regards to the personal space of other then-friends; while the victims of the latter were initially willing to forgive him, the revelation that he'd been soliciting nudes was the last straw and at least one of them went public with their stories. While Karim has still been active on Twitter, comments on videos of fellow accused abusers and denies any allegations, his Youtube activity has been significantly reduced and his subscriber number has tanked, in part due to his involvement with alleged fellow abusers such as Jason "VeeOneEye" Sampson. He has also been banned from the "Summer in the City" convention, as confirmed by organizer Tom Burns.
  • KSI was banned from Eurogamer Expo (now known as EGX) after a video of him being slightly inappropriate towards fans caused something of a backlash. While still very much popular on the internet in general, the organizers have made it clear that he is not welcome again. This also made vlogs of his group the Sidemen at EGX 2014 feel a bit weird considering that their most famous member could not join them at all for that particular convention. The Sidemen have not gone to another Eurogamer event since; in fact, they have since hosted their own public events such as Upload and the trilogy of charity football matches.
  • YouTuber "PleasantRyan" (real name Ryan O'Connor) disappeared from the internet in late 2014 after allegations of him being emotionally abusive and manipulative with somebody that he knew in real life. While he officially said that it was due to him being unable to create on what he considered a stagnant website, the timing of his sudden withdrawal, plus the deletion of his channel, did not convince anyone. Somewhat ironically, a masterpost documenting YouTube abuse is hosted by a Tumblr named after him.
  • Allison Pregler, aka Obscurus Lupa, was let go from Channel Awesome on January 12, 2015 for a very petty reason - leaving someone on hold for 15 minutes. Lupa maintains that she was away from her computer and had no idea there was anyone there. This led to Andrew Dickman and Phelous quitting the site in protest (though they had already had been planning to leave prior).
    • Allison would eventually get vindicated, however. On March 2018, an offhand question on Twitter led to a lengthy discussion with various former contributors over numerous acts of mismanagement, corrupt behaviour and other dirty laundry that Allison would soon compile into a Google Document. This led to a tremendous Internet Backdraft against both the Walkers and CEO Mike Michaud with the #ChangeTheChannel hashtag, with many leaving in quick succession. Things only escalated when the site attempted to deliver a response, which not only failed to address many points, but outright accused many contributors of lying and ended up revealing some very disturbing and upsetting information that had been kept hidden for years. As of April 17, 2018, the only known contributors who remain are Doug and Rob Walker (both under contract), Brad Jones (who stayed out of personal loyalty toward the Walkers) and Larry Bundy Jr. (who stayed just to spite the website, who didn't do anything to promote him in the decade he was on).
    • The Google Doc revealed that another producer was fired by Michaud for an unfair reason less than two weeks before Pregler was. In late 2014, Dan Olson wrote a piece of investigative journalism on Medium about a controversial web forum. The trolls that inhabited the forum started a smear campaign against Olson that reached Michaud, who then effectively fired Olson on the spot instead of hearing him out, and he then called Lindsay Ellis while she was driving to her parents' house for Christmas to yell at her about it because Olson is her friend. According to the Google Doc, this wound up being Ellis' last straw with Channel Awesome, and she, Olson and Kyle Kallgren all quit at the start of 2015, departures that were not made public until just around the time Pregler was let go.
    • It would be because of this controversy that another case of Role Ending Misdemeanor was uncovered. For years, it was unknown why Justin Carmical, aka JewWario, had left Channel Awesome, in part because he committed suicide so soon afterwards. As such, he was remembered with fondness by his fans and most of the site's contributors. This was, however, until evidence ended up surfacing that he had sexually assaulted a minor and raped an unconscious woman, and that he was fired by Channel Awesome following the latter incident. (The concealment of the rape was apparently done at the request of the victim.) This was later confirmed by multiple sources, and if anything made CA's rebuttal to #ChangeTheChannel even worse, particularly since the shoddy editing in CA's second response left enough info uncensored that people quickly figured out that Justin was the predator alluded to in the "Not So Awesome" Google Doc. This revelation damaged the reputation of CA and the Walkers even more than the Google Doc did, because they knew what had happened but did not tell anyone else on the site or community, and had allowed tributes to Justin to be posted on the site after he died.
  • While Luke Conard seemingly survived the YouTube sexual abuse scandal, the news that he abused his one-time girlfriend Kristina Horner (aka "italktosnakes") was enough for DFTBA to drop him.
  • Shortly after Sam Pepper was exposed for his conduct, Jason "veeoneeye" Sampson came under scrutiny for his actions. He was accused by a fifteen year old girl of getting her drunk and then sleeping with her note . The subsequent backlash, plus attention from Channel 4 News in the UK, was enough for him to make a public "apology" that wasn't really an apology, in which he blamed his Mormon upbringing for the incident. While he appears to have somehow survived the scandal as a whole, he has been banned from essentially every convention under the sun and has essentially been forced to flee to LA to avoid prosecution, with the community at large wanting nothing to do with him. The only collaborators that are still willing to work with him are other Youtubers that are also being accused of abuse, most of whom are listed above.
  • The King of Hate was banned from after he made some very poor taste jokes about the Holocaust, during a playthrough of the Dead Space 2 demo.
  • Austin Jones, a former musician on Youtube, was removed from the Vans Warped Tour in 2015, after a report alleged that he had engaged in inappropriate interaction and manipulative behavior with younger fans, such as telling them to twerk for his amusement on webcam. The subsequent backlash against his behavior led to organizer Kevin Lyman not only booting Jones off the tour, but also removing all other Youtubers involved, who had done nothing wrong whatsoever. He eventually repealed the ban on the other musicians, but Jones was not reinstated. Jones had announced his plan to go to "rehab" and sort-of apologized (but not to the girls themselves). This all came to a head in June 2017, where Jones was arrested for persuading numerous underage female fans to send him sexually explicit videos of themselves, and was eventually sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for his crimes. Shortly after his conviction, YouTube terminated Jones' channel.
  • Carter Reynolds was a fairly popular Vine star, but at some point in early 2015 a video was leaked of him attempting to pressure his then 16 year old girlfriend into having oral sex with him, The backlash was unsurprisingly large and Hank Green eventually had to eject him from Vidcon 2015 to try and manage things, partly because some attendees went berserk and tried to attack him. Here Reynolds ended up Digging Himself Deeper after he went on a long Twitter rant, then tried defying the ban next day and caused a bit of a ruckus in person. It also transpired he'd ignored his ex after an overdose which nearly killed her. All these are enough to ensure he won't be returning to the convention ever again; how his Vine career is affected remains to be seen.
  • Ben Schoen was initially part of the popular Harry Potter-themed podcast MuggleCast before he left to do other things, but his online image appears to have been irreversibly tarnished after he publicly harassed Grace Spelman, a writer for Buzz Feed that he had befriended in 2006 long before she started writing. He went on to tweet some weird things to her which supposedly asked about her relationship and moved to Facebook upon getting no response, which led to him getting blocked and politely turned down. He promptly started sending her more hateful messages attacking her career, accusing her of using I Have Boobs, You Must Obey! to get followers and readers, and this caused the co-founder of the site Feminspire to report that his behaviour towards her had been similarly abusive. Andrew Sims, creator and host of MuggleCast, made it very clear that Schoen would never be allowed to return to the podcast and that he was disgusted by what had happened.
  • The "Cokeburst Conundrum", as those within the Closing Logo Group have called itnote , ended with the removal of Drayton Lumumba Chandell, owner of DLC Organization, and Arize Okeke (alias John Coffey) from the group for mistreating other members of the CLG, staff members or otherwise. That Okeke is known to some within the CLG as a racistnote  didn't help his case, either note .
  • Double Toasted member Tommy McGrew was fired from the site in early 2016 after committing a hit and run that managed to kill a 22 year old woman.
  • Daisy "Shmorky" Kelly, animator best known for The Flash Tub and Gaming Garbage, effectively disappeared from the web after it was uncovered that they made inappropriate comments to an underage fan. The chatlogs are online, but be warned that they're very much on the Squick side.
  • Well-known let's player Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg wound up losing much of his support from YouTube and having Disney-owned Maker Studios sever ties with him after a controversial video that featured Felix paying two men to hold up a sign reading "Death to all Jews" as a joke on people committing stupid behavior for money. Other videos had contained controversial "jokes" like this, but the way this particular video blew up on social media was the breaking point that led to YouTube and Disney distancing themselves from Felix. He has since apologized for making the joke and made efforts to distance himself from that kind of humor.
    • Unfortunately for him, this trope reared its head yet again after he angrily called another player the N-word during a livestream, causing Campo Santo to have his playthrough of Firewatch removed in response.
  • GameLife, which was a proto-gaming channel on Youtube during its infancy had garnered a following despite having 200 or so subscribers. Their popularity had led them to being a Destructoid darling, as well as a planned deal with ScrewAttack, and the possibility of their own show on MTV. But after host Andrew Rosenblum threatened to murder his ex-girlfriend and those at her university—just one day after the Virginia Tech massacre—all of their popularity and deals have since vanished. GuruLarry had covered them in his Fact Hunt video.
  • Brad Jones fired Jake Norvell from all of the "Team Snob" productions, including Midnight Screenings, because he made his move on a girl that Brad was dating, and spread lies about Brad and the shows. See more info here.
  • Screen Junkies (of Movie Fights and Honest Trailers fame) fired creative leader Andy Signore after it came to light that he had a history of sexual abuse. After settling the lawsuit against him, he launched a new channel called Popcorned Planet, starting with a video where he admits to a lot of inappropriate behavior for which he deserved to be fired, but refuting the specific sexual abuse accusation with evidence that the woman had actually agreed to their private meeting and sent him photos unsolicited. Though he still didn't endear himself to many by smugly calling the situation a "#MeToo misfire," as if there weren't plenty of genuine accusations in the movement.
  • Around the time 5 former members of WhatCulture Wrestling were about to launch a new site called "Cultaholic", Adam Blampied opened up about inappropriate behavior he'd previously engaged in, including lying to female fans about being in an open relationship with his girlfriend to solicit naked photos. Originally the team planned to temporarily halt the launch of the site to record more material not featuring him, while he stepped out of the spotlight for a while to seek counseling for his behavior, but after a few days the decision was made to just terminate his employment.
  • YouTuber Logan Paul faced serious backlash after posting a video online showing him and three of his friends filming the body of a suicide victim at Japan's Aokigahara forest and making tasteless jokes about it, as well as making prank videos while in Japan containing extremely racist sayings towards the Japanese. Even after Paul deleted the video and posted an apology, YouTube put his projects (including the sequel to The Thinning) on hold and removed him from Google's ad program. After returning to vlogging the following month, Paul posted a video of himself using a taser on the bodies of two dead rats. The video again earned massive backlash, particularly because it demonstrated that despite his attempts to come off as a changed man, Paul didn't learn anything from the Aokigahara fiasco; in particular, the backlash served to be a rare example where a majority of people actually sided with animal group PETA (itself notoriously controversial), one of the most vocal critics of Paul in the wake of the rat video. In response to this, YouTube announced that they would be temporarily demonetizing his channel as a whole.
  • This has happened a few times with Rooster Teeth:
    • In early 2017, a few years after her departure from Rooster Teeth, Kathleen Zuelch's alcoholic behavior caused her to insult her former co-workers on Twitter. Suffice it to say, she left RWBY and Red vs. Blue and hasn't reprised her roles since.
    • Vic Mignogna lost his role on RWBY and most of his 2019 convention invitations in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations.
    • After it was revealed that RT Animation was abusing their employees with unpaid overtime and false promises to work for free, CEO Matt Hullum revealed that the division's head, Gray Haddock, had stepped down from his position to serve exclusively as a creative consultant.
  • Zak "ToonKriticY2K" Kayes was a fairly popular member of the MLP Analysis community and was part of several related projects such as TF2 Analysis, Brony D&D and Analyst Bronies React. However, in January 2018, it was revealed that Kayes had been engaging in sexual roleplays with an underage girl with more people coming out about their encounters with him. As a result, his friends cut ties with him, dropping him from any and all projects, then he deleted all of his social media.
  • PokéCommunity got caught up in the #MeToo movement in March 2018 when it was discovered that the owner of the site, Steve Heffron, was a convicted pedophile and registered sex offender, which triggered an exodus of creators from the site to greener pastures. The fact that he was additionally under suspicion in the present day for siphoning money from the site didn't help matters, either. Needless to say, any previous association with the site is now considered an Old Shame among many in the fandom, particularly in the various creative scenes it had nurtured.
  • Troma Black Comedy animator and creator of Alfred's Playhouse Emily Youcis had both her support from Troma and her job as a pistachio vendor stripped from her in 2016 when it was revealed that she had ties with alt-right groups, and two posts on Twitter that mocked Jewish people and African-Americans.
  • The #MeToo movement hit Japan after it came to light that the founder and owner of Pixiv, Takahiro Kamitani, had a nasty track record of sexually harassing underage employees. Suffice to say the site was immediately Defiled Forever for many artists, who began to leave the site in droves out of protest.
  • Trevor "McSkillet" Heitmann was a CS:GO YouTuber best known for operating the site CSGO Magic until it was shut down in 2016, with his frequent participation in the game's controversial skin-trading community earning him the moniker "king of skins" and enough money that he could purchase several high-end cars, including a McLaren and a Mercedes SLR. His fortunes changed in June 2018, however, after receiving a trade-ban from Valve that prevented him from trading anything in his inventory—a move that, by some accounts, cost him up to $100,000. Heitmann died in a fiery crash two months later.
  • Until his departure from The Completionist in 2015 (citing a Noodle Incident that's understandably never been explained and left it at that), Greg Wilmot had garnered some praise for being the funny guy to Jirard Khalil's straight guy, known for his Running Gag jokes and balancing out Khalil's more serious approach to video game reviews. Fans were upset by his departure and wished for him to return—until 2017, when Greg royally murdered whatever respect he'd earned after he sent a random email to Khalil with an order by lawyers to remove his likeness and his appearances on the Completionist, comprising 120 episodes of the series. This upset fans even more since Greg did this completely out of left field after he'd left the show years ago and kept insisting it "wasn't about the money" despite his constant complaints that he wasn't given royalties after his departure. This attracted criticism towards those who respected or were friends with him, including Austin Hargrave who pointed out instances of no contract between the two. The amount of criticisms and attacks led Wilmot to abandon his Twitter—and despite that, Khalil still pulled down the episodes. Wilmot, now effectively a pariah in the video game reviewing community, later moved his focus to playing in the band The 131ers.
  • The SevenAwesomeKids network of YouTube channels came to an abrupt halt in August 2018 after its founder, Ian Rylett, was arrested for molesting one of the young stars. YouTube demonetized all of the channels, effectively rendering them dead with the removal of the SevenAwesomeKids Instagram account only amplifying matters. After Rylett pleaded guilty in March 2019, YouTube promptly terminated all the channels.
  • Twitch streamer MrDeadMoth was arrested after physically and emotionally abusing his pregnant girlfriend for interrupting him while streaming Fortnite.
  • Both Fire Ball 20 XL and its creator, Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubein, had their reputations destroyed when it was revealed that Beaubein had harassed and abused various female staff members or fans, many of whom were only teenagers, both emotionally and sexually. Beaubain's attempts to deny allegations only spread the evidence further, causing Fireball20XL to close down, other staff members to distance themselves from the site, and Beaubain being chased off the internet. Although Beaubain now owns a gaming channel called Bit Polar, the damage has been down, as shown by his low subscriber count.
  • Chilean Youtuber Peluchin Entertainment had his reputation destroyed in December 2018, when he uploaded a video of him murdering his pet cats and throwing another to a toilet filled with feces. Currently, he has been unheard of after this.
  • Olivia Jade Giannulli, the daughter of TV star Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, is a YouTube/Instagram influencer who had promotional partnerships with the beauty brands TRESemme and Sephora. That is, until March 2019, when she and her parents (themselves listed in the Live-Action TV section) were among the most high-profile figures caught up in Operation Varsity Blues, a sting operation in which dozens of wealthy parents were caught bribing college admissions officers, coaches, and test proctors in order to get their often-underperforming children fraudulently admitted to elite schools. Her case was not helped by a comment she previously made on social media, quickly unearthed in the wake of the scandal, stating that she cared more about partying than studying at the University of Southern California (USC), the school she had been fraudulently admitted to. Furthermore, a key part of Olivia Jade's social media brand was the fact that she was a college student, which turned into an albatross around her neck overnight once it came out that her admission to USC came through her parents' criminal acts. In the wake of the scandal, both TRESemme and Sephora cut ties with her, Hewlett-Packard withdrew a 2017 photo ad featuring both Loughlin and Olivia Jade, and she and her sister (also caught up in the scandal) dropped out from USC.
  • After being accused of Gaslighting by his ex-wife Heidi O'Ferrell and downplaying his divorce as an amicable splitting, as well as revelations that included cheating on her with Holly Conrad and soliciting explicit photographs to his underage fans, Youtuber Jared Knabenbauer got booted from Normal Boots and lost more than 100,000 subscribers (1/10th of his peak) in one day.
    • Holly Conrad was hit hard following the fall-out of the ProJared situation, with Holly garnering a huge amount of backlash for her involvement in the situation and her full blown comment showing support to Knabenbauer when he made his statement about his wife divorcing, which prompted her to privatize her Twitter account for a while. When she returned, she garnered little sympathy when she shared private text conversations with Heidi in an attempt to support her defense, which many found to be in bad taste. Just when people began to move on from the situation and Holly was allowed to recover, she immediately ruined it by making a series of tweets discussing the tragic passing of Etika, where she tried to turn the situation about what she endured and how "cancel culture" was the reason behind Etika's death despite the fact Etika's death wasn't caused by "cancel culture" but rather his own Creator Breakdown and struggles with depression. She would delete the tweets the same day, but still play off that she did nothing wrong.
  • Regardless of whatever is believed due to its completely convoluted mess, the beauty community's big three in James Charles, Tati Westbrook, and Jeffree Star were hit hard and lost a huge amount of subscribers after drama came out in regards to Westbrook and Charles, which lead to internet mockery over how the situation went out and Star's involvement to attack Charles and then backtrack on his statements when asked into question.
  • Spanish Youtuber Kanghua Ren faced a massive backlash in 2017 after uploading a video of himself giving a homeless man an Oreo filled with toothpaste, which caused the man to throw up when he ate it. He later deleted the video, gave money to the man to apologize, and offered him more if he didn't take legal action, but this wasn't enough to placate his furious subscribers - or the homeless man. And in June 2019, the courts came down on Ren hard: he received a 15-month jail sentence (most likely suspended), was ordered to pay the man €20,000 in compensation, and was banned from uploading Youtube videos for five years.
  • Twitch streamer DrDisrespect was suspended from Twitch and had his E3 pass revoked after he had himself filmed entering and using one of the public restrooms at E3 2019 on at least three occasions, with several other unwitting attendees caught on camera. This broke the Twitch anti-harassment policy against recording people against their will; Twitch community guidelines that forbid streaming from a private space without permission; and Twitch policy against streaming illegal acts, as it violated California Penal Code 647(j), under which it is illegal to view the interior of a restroom with a camera. Although he later returned to Twitch one month after the E3 debacle, it's unlikely that he'll be invited to another public event and the scandal damaged his image.
  • While Otako Studios, better known as Andre Jean-Luc Tucker, was already infamous for stealing other artists' work without permission, the event that completely killed his internet presence came in April 2019 when he was arrested for (and later confessing to) human trafficking and the sexual assault of a 12 year old.
  • The back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, which left nearly 30 dead between them and injured scores more in early August 2019, proved the last straw for the hosting service Cloudflare and its relationship with the controversial forum 8chan. Cloudflare, who had already severed its relationship with the equally controversial neo-Nazi forum Daily Stormer in 2017, promptly did the same to 8chan—and considering the Daily Stormer's run of luck ever since (it has migrated from one domain to the next, never really finding a space either willing or able to accomodate it), this is likely to leave 8chan's future in doubt as well, with even creator Fredrick Brennan voicing his support to simply shut it down outright.
  • Popular YouTuber and actress Brooke Houts faced an immediate backlash, as well as an LAPD investigation for animal cruelty, after she accidentally uploaded a raw video which showed her physically abusing and spitting on her dog Sphinx. Her apology, where she offered the weak excuse that she was trying to "train" her dog, didn't help her case. To give you an idea of just how outraged people were by the video, even Logan Paul (see above) labelled Houts "remarkably grotesque" for her actions.
  • YouTuber Matt Jarbo, known as MundaneMatt's career took a serious hit on August 2018 when he got exposed on a livestream for false flagging and abusing the YouTube report feature against videos that criticised or made fun of him. What made it egregious was how he had gone to the livestream specifically to clear his name from the accusations and for an hour he vehemently denied any wrongdoing... until he was asked to show his YouTube report history. More than a year later his channel never recovered and has suffered a continual loss of views and subs ever since.
  • Atheist blog severed ties with the Atheist Community of Austin (ACA) on July 2019, when the latter's show, The Atheist Experience, featured a noted transphobe as a guest host; the fallout over the outrage for failing to offer a convincing apology for it and the refusal of the show's hosts to publicly denounce their guest's prejudice and bigotry also led to a mass resignation of key leaders of the ACA.


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