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  • This is possibly the reason that Billy Zane was replaced as Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness (including in the flashback scenes from the previous games) by Richard Epcar in the Kingdom Hearts series — Disney didn't want him on the project anymore due to the fact that, between the games, he'd taken on a major role in the Turkish action film Valley of the Wolves: Iraq. Said film drew heaps of criticism for portraying American soldiers in Iraq as monsters, and was called "anti-American propaganda" by many critics. Zane and the other American actors involved faced heavy backlash for appearing in that movie. This is quite a shame because Epcar just can't match his legendarily hammy performance.
    • Following Pierre Taki's drug scandal, the role of Olaf was recast and patched into Japanese copies of Kingdom Hearts III.
  • The computer game Paranautical Activity was pulled from Steam on October 20, 2014 when its creator Mike Maulbeck saw the announcement of its completed release still had the "Early Access" banner, and responded by venting about Steam on his Twitter account—which culminated in threatening to kill Valve Software CEO Gabe Newell. Maulbeck soon apologized for this and resigned from his studio, Code Avarice, in an attempt to restore goodwill between it and Valve, although he has since been rehired.
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  • As a result of suing fans for libel over bad reviews on Steam (see Frivolous Lawsuit for more), Valve had Digital Homicide's titles removed completely from the service and refuses to allow other titles by the developers on their platform. While the publisher has attempted to rebrand itself under a number of pseudonyms (namely, LootToot Games), they have still been stuck peddling DRM-free copies of their games on smaller distribution platforms, with nowhere near the reach they once had.
  • The voice-overs Jon Jafari (aka JonTron) recorded for Yooka-Laylee were removed from the final game after numerous Twitter users demanded Playtonic to remove him from the game after Jon expressed controversial political and racial views on Twitter, followed up by a particularly disastrous stream in the spring of 2017 where he tried to debate his political opinions in response to the tweets. His voice cameo in A Hat in Time, however, remained intact for unknown reasons.
  • In late January 2018, Todd Rogers, legendary for his 1982 5.51-second speedrun on the Atari 2600's Dragster, at the time the oldest still-standing video game record recorded by the agency Twin Galaxies, was banned from ever submitting scores again to their leaderboards. All of his records have been wiped after his Dragster record was proven with computer analysis to be physically impossible, and after Twin Galaxies learned he used a referee who was a personal friend of his to enter other impossible records onto the leaderboards for over 30 years.
    • In the aftermath of this disaster, Billy Mitchell of The King of Kong fame was given the same treatment as Rogers when it was determined that many of his records were achieved with modified hardware or using the MAME emulator,note  including the Donkey Kong record shown in the film. The entire documentary was rendered an Unintentional Period Piece with his challenger, Steve Wiebe, officially recognized as the first player to score over a million points. Mitchell was also punished by the Guinness World Records, who stripped him of his entry for achieving the first-ever perfect score in Pac-Man in 1999.
  • In July 2018, Guild Wars 2 writer Jessica Price was fired by ArenaNet after responding to a fan of both the gamenote , and her writing, who had responded to a tweet she had made discussing her thoughts on narratives in MMO's compared to single player games, by turning the issue into an issue over gender, and unleashing a storm of vitriolic comments towards the user. When people began calling her out on her poor behavior, she doubled-down and was quick to insult fans of the game for "telling developers what to do". Due to this, and her past history of aggressive comments, ArenaNet fired her, citing that she had poorly handled the situation, and had not represented the company well. Another writer at ArenaNet named Peter Fries, who had stood up for Jessica, was fired as well for similar reasons, though many weren't sure if he deserved to be fired compared to what Jessica had said.
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  • The song "Subhuman", composed by Cody Matthew Johnson and featuring Suicide Silence was intended to be Dante's battle theme in Devil May Cry 5. However fan reception was overwhelmingly negative due to the terrible screamo vocals, awful volume mixing, and just flat-out not fitting the character. But what caused this trope were reports that lead singer Eddie Hermida had engaged in a emotionally manipulative and sexually inappropriate relationship with an underage fan. The resulting PR kerfuffle caused Capcom themselves to delete the song's music video from YouTube and edit out all instances of the song from new trailers and even uploading an older one with the song removed. They later announced that they did not know about the scandal until after Subhuman had been completed, and in no uncertain terms would be distancing themselves from the collaboration. Ultimately "Subhuman" was kept but re-recorded with new vocals from Michael Barr.
  • Filip Miucin was a small but upcoming games journalist who got a solid deal by being hired by IGN. He posted his first review, a review of Dead Cells, and it was discovered by a youtuber named Boomstick Gaming that Filip's review was a near word for word copy of his own review. When people pointed this out, Filip was fired for this, but what truly is a role ender was that Filip refused to hone up to it, and claimed people were lying, and even suggested people go and search his older older reviews for proof if they were inclined to. Being the internet, people did so, and were quick to find every review he had ever made was a copy of someone else's review, even written reviews. As a result, Filip's career ended, and nobody is willing to hire him now that it is factually proven he is a liar. He attempted to start anew with a youtube channel, but because of the bad press around him, he did not garner enough support, and in general has largely faded from the publics eye.
  • Sonic World, a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame, nearly suffered a work-ending misdemeanor in October 2018 when the leader of the development team, Ozcrash, was rumored to have committed illegal actsnote . The team was outraged by this and took such drastic step, shutting down the site, just to disassociate themselves from Ozcrash. Eventually, they restored the site and resumed development, still keeping distance away from Ozcrash. Ozcrash, meanwhile, blanked his YouTube channel, denied such allegations, and departed from the Internet.
    (site's "About Us" page) It is also required to give credit for Ozcrash’s work on this game; however we do not associate with him in any way nor do we agree or condone anything that Ozcrash did involving the contents of “”.
  • Japanese actor Pierre Taki was arrested on cocaine charges, and due to his involvement in Judgment, the game was pulled from stores and Sega deleted all tweets related to it even though the game had been released in Japan three months prior to this. It wouldn't be for over a week until Sega would confirm that the game was being redone to replace the model and voice of Taki's character. Additionally, his role of Olaf was also patched out of the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts III.
  • Minecraft: While at that point the "role" in question was merely the logo "Made by Notch"note that appeared when starting up the game, Microsoft released an update in early 2019 that removed said text from the game (he's still listed in the credits, however). While no reason for this was given at the time, many thought it to be a move from Microsoft to distance themselves from Notch's increasingly controversial statements on Twitter, which have endorsed conspiracy theories and been accused of being bigoted. Microsoft confirmed this and took it even further later that year when they declined to invite Notch to their 10 year anniversary celebration for Minecraft, citing his controversial statements as the reason why.
  • On July 8th of 2019, Smash Bros pro Ally Carroza announced that he was retiring from competitive gaming after he admitted to having an affair with an underaged competitor from Louisiana. Shortly after this announcement, several tournaments reinforced his self-imposed retirement with a lifetime ban.
  • Chris Niosi was the English voice of the male protagonist Byleth of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Male Byleth's appearance in Fire Emblem Heroes had Niosi voice him there as well. However, after breaching his NDA with Nintendo by bragging about being the voice of the main character to his friends, as well as his abuse of several ex-girlfriends being made public, Chris was replaced by Zach Aguilar as the voice of Byleth in Heroes as well as a patch made shortly after the release of Three Houses.


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