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Original Series

  • Kanto Arc: Ryou Bakura goes on a journey to become a Pokémon master, with Gym Leaders Tron Bonne and Keitaro Urashima providing support, after receiving Tony Tony Chopper from Professor Jet Black (later Jamil Neat). Constantly they're hounded by Team Rocket members Lina Inverse, Roy Mustang, and Manta Oyamada, who are constantly trying to steal Chopper for their boss Tatewaki Kunou (later Vector the Crocodile). An egg later hatches for Tron, revealing Snarf. At one point, the photographer Inuyasha journeys with Bakura. At the Pokémon League, Bakura doesn't get to face of against his rival Washu. Instead, Bakura loses to Conan Edogawa, whose team includes Nina Tucker and Horohoro.
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  • Orange Islands Arc: Keitaro takes a break from traveling, helping out Professor Saori Kido, and Domon Kasshu fills in. Bakura clears the Orange League, defeating its strongest trainer, Gin Ichimaru.
  • Johto Arc: Keitaro rejoins the team, and Domon stays with Professor Jet. During the journey through Johto, Bakura and friends thwart a plot involving Team Rocket members Shu Shirakawa and Scarlet, who were working under Doctor Yosemite Sam to capture a legendary Pokémon. Once at the Johto League, Bakura defeats Washu, but loses to Xander Harris, a trainer from Hoenn. Tron returns to her Gym Leader duties.

Advanced Generation/Ruby and Sapphire: The Series

  • Hoenn Arc: Upon arriving in Hoenn, Bakura is joined by rookie trainer Nana "Hatchi" Komatsu and her brother Pekkle. Nana chooses to become a Pokémon Coordinator, and gains rivals in the form of Tiz Arrior and Ryo Akiyama. Bakura also encounters the plots of Team Magma and Team Aqua, rival organizations led by Axel and Eiji Date respectively. Eventually Bakura reaches the Hoenn League Tournament where he defeats trainers like Son Goku, but ultimately loses to Fox McCloud, who wins the tournament outright.
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  • Battle Frontier Arc: Upon returning to Kanto, Bakura challenges the Battle Frontier on the advice of Cid. Bakura ultimately defeats the strongest trainer in Battle Frontier, Regis. Following Bakura's victory, Nana and Pekkle parts ways.

Diamond and Pearl

After meeting up with Washu again, Bakura heads for Sinnoh to challenge the league there. There, aspiring Pokémon Coordinator Revy joins his journey. Revy gains rivals for her Pokémon Contest quest including Lapus Lazuli, Benten, and Wonder Momo. As for Bakura, he has several rivals for the league including Berkut, Joe Higashi, and most importantly Hanta Sero, whose harsh style of training offends Bakura. Bakura ultimately defeats Sero in the League, but loses to Ryu in the semifinals. During Bakura's Sinnoh journey, Team Galactic. lead by Kratos, seeks to remake the world. So Bakura faces of against Kratos's minions including Nami, Ciel, Reika Aoki, and Aku Aku. There is also Cersei Lannister, a Pokémon Hunter whose plans Bakura stops several times, before perishing on a job for Kratos. Ultimately Bakura stops Team Galactic with the help from Sinnoh Champion Mylene Flare Jenius. At the end of this adventure, both Keitaro and Revy part ways with Bakura.

Best Wishes/Black and White: The Series

Bakura's next stop on his journey is Unova, where he is joined by Gym Leader Death the Kid and Dragon-type trainer Madoka Kaname, student of Gym Leader Jubei. Death the Kid, being a Pokémon Connoisseur as well, has a rival in the form of Sayaka Kirasaka. Madoka gets one in the form of Dragon Buster Golden Darkness. Bakura's opponents for the league include Mao, Ahsoka Tano, Teruo "Kuma" Kumai, Neku Sakuraba and Issei Hyōdō. Bakura in the end defeats Mao and Kuma in the tournament, but loses to Neku, who then loses to eventual champion Issei. Prior to the league, Bakura stops a Team Rocket plot involving the Mythical Pokémon Ranka Lee. After the league, Bakura encounters Gray Fullbuster, a young man who can naturally understand Pokémon Speak. Gray, along with his foster sisters Hatsune Miku and Sonia Nevermind, are working to undermine Team Plasma and its leader Steve Irwin. Steve and his pet scientist Captain Cold intend to take over the Unova region by controlling one of its Legendary Pokémon, but Bakura and Gray put a stop to their plans.


Bakura finds himself in the Kalos region, where he meets Gym Leader Eren Yeager, his little sister Urara Kasugano, and Yuri Usui, a childhood acquaintance of Bakura. Yuri is unsure of her goals, but later becomes a Pokémon Performer and seeks to unseat the reigning champion, Ema Skye. For her journey, Yuri gets a rival in Gentoku Ryuubi. As for Bakura, he has Dot Warner, Miles Morales, and Tetsuya Kuroko as his rivals. However, Kuroko is working for the fourth Raikage, leader of Team Flare, believing he has peaceful goals in mind. (Not to mention he thought it would help Marika Katou, a beginning trainer whose Pokémon fell into a coma.) However, the Raikage's true goals of wiping out the majority of life on the planet becomes apparent following Kuroko's defeat of Bakura in the Finals. Said goal hinges on mind controlling Zen, a mysterious creature Urara befriended, but in reality the core of one of Kalos's legendary Pokémon. Bakura, his friends, Kuroko, along with Kalos Champion Shirley Fenette, the Hoenn Champion Anti, the regional professor Saizou, and all the Kalos Gym Leaders team up to stop the Raikage.

Sun and Moon

Bakura attends a school in the Alola region, meeting Natsuki, Shinji Weber,
Umi Kousaka, Lydie LeGrand, and Alolan Raichu. The main teacher at the school, 14K, wants to start a Pokémon League in the region, but JARVIS, leader of Team Skull, doesn't like that idea. Bakura defeats JARVIS in the league, and then defeats Natsuki's brother Accelerator to become Alola's first champion.

Pocket Monsters 2019/Journeys

Bakura and Sōta Mizushino become research fellows under Professor Kurt Irving, that sees the both of them visiting various regions. Upon meeting Itsuki Koizumi, champion of the Galar region and the current World Champion, Bakura seeks to challenge him.

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