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Roaring Rampage Of Revenge / Fan Fic

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Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
  • In "Chrysalis," the Queen manages to break Zachary by torturing his Rangers in front of him, making him think he witnessed Niko's execution, casually discussing her plans for Earth in front of him, and following it up with telepathic Mind Rape. When Niko actually comes back with the BETA fleet, the Queen, in a rage, starts to kill her in front of Zach. He flips out, grabs the Queen, puts them BOTH in the Psychocrypt, activates his bionics without having access to his badge and blasts her into ash.
    "If it will end the nightmare, then I don't care. I'm already dead. This is for the two years of my life you've stolen from me, you BITCH!!!"

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • In Chong Sheng, Katara goes on one of these when the Rough Rhinos taunt her after torturing and murdering Jet right in front of her. Though it warrants mentioning that the distinct lack of roaring on her part is what makes it Nightmare Fuel.

Axis Powers Hetalia

  • Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: The moment the homophobe was about to rape Italy, Germany and Japan tackled him to the ground before proceeding to beat the living crap out of him. He didn't stand a chance.
  • Hakkōna: Due to the Obake Gyakusatsu—Obake Massacre—taking the lives of all his fellow Obake, including his siblings' and cousin's, Kiku became vengeful and hateful of humans. He took his revenge by haunting a certain part of a Japanese forest and killing the men who trespassed during the night while severely traumatizing the women and children. It was only because of Feliciano's love for him and acceptance of who he was that he finally stopped.
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  • In Twisted, the sequel to the "World Financial Crisis Gangbang," America kills the countries that brutally raped him.


  • In the 'Help Me, Dr. Hazama!' fanfic 'Disaster-Piece Theatre', we have Kokenoe inexplicably growing to gigantic sizes and taking out almost the entire cast because they helped replace her favorite game

Babylon 5

  • Jha'dur's attempted revenge in canon is described in the show's entry on the Live Action page, but The Dilgar War makes it worse by pointing out she particularly hated the Markab and the plague that exterminated them in horrible pain started at about the same time she, a Plague Master, had resurfaced after being believed dead for over twenty years.


  • In Blood For Blood (There), Soul society ordered the cold-blooded assassination of Ichigo, all his friends and all his family, because they were afraid he might become too powerful and overthrow them someday. Boy, were they right. Ichigo's rampage is brutally efficient.


  • In Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, Firefly attempts one as a filly against Black Star, who killed her parents. Rainbow Dash tries to do one at the end of chapter 14. Both fail.
  • The very premise of Deus Ex Equine Revengeance is an augmented Rainbow Dash going on one after her family is murdered
  • Harry in the Harry Potter and The Crow Crossover The Crow: Phoenix Rising which has Harry Potter as The Crow dishing out disproportionate and poetic punishments to the Death Eaters on his hit list.
  • Rise of the Galeforces has a literal Roaring Rampage of Revenge in Episode 4, courtesy of Violet of all people. No doubt owing to the lethal physical power she has, said rampage eventually leads to the destruction of both of the Big Bads, most if not all of their war machines and creatures, the companies behind said war machines and creatures, and the fourth wall itself.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape: When Trixie (who the heroes have been tricked into believing is the Big Bad) appears at Canterlot during the eclipse celebration, Applejack goes into a blind fury and attacks her for what happened to Apple Bloom. She very nearly beats her to death before Rainbow Dash talks her down.
  • Applejack again in Equestrylvania, during the climax of the first book. When she finds out that Marble raised her parents as zombies during the attack on Ponyville, she goes into a blind rage and nearly hunts Marble down to kill her — fortunately, Big Macintosh talks her down, reminding her that due to Marble's Evil Plan, any harm done to her will mean the deaths of all the foals she poisoned.
  • Alex Harris, possessing all the powers of a Kryptonian, gets positively medieval on the Thunderbolts after they turn his girlfriend into "collateral damage" in Origin Story. She hits Bullseye so hard that the assassin's adamantium-reinforced skull deforms around her fist, rips Radioactive Man's heart out with her bare hands, rams a forefinger through Songbird's larynx, burns the Venom symbiote into a puddle of smoking goo with her heat vision, and pitches Penance into outer space. She leaves Moonstone alive and (relatively) unharmed as a “message” to Norman Osborn.
  • Weiss Reacts: Cinder undergoes one of these against Siegmund Schnee when he taunts her about Summer Rose's death. This is compounded by the implication that Siegmund either killed Summer himself or set up her death.
  • The Wedding Crashers: A downplayed example. Dean and Sam Winchester tag along with Leah to the Cullens' wedding and have to endure their pompous and hypocritical behavior. After being harrassed by vampires and hearing Sue and Emily verbally abuse Leah, they decide enough is enough and deliberately cause trouble at the wedding.
  • In A Man of Iron, the North's rebellion against the Iron Throne turns into this after Joffrey accidentally kills Sansa.
    • During the second book, A Crack of Thunder, Ivan Vanko is leading a group of Ironborn on a rampage against the Starks, Lannisters, and any other of Westeros' noble houses who killed his family as collateral damage during Balon's failed rebellion.
  • In the Harry Potter: Pokémon Master series the Johto/Kanto War was basically this. After Koga accidentally ordered the killing of 40 Johto protesters and was then going to have the incident covered up the Kenway Brothers declared war on Kanto. Things might have been just normal revenge if Bruno hadn't kidnapped the brothers' parents and sent them to the worst prison in the world to try and use as leverage. The Kenways attacked the prison and slaughter almost all the guards then went right to Kanto where Jack Kenway brutally murdered Koga, his brother Jonas killed Bruno, then they marched on the Pokemon League and once they forced Lance to surrender blew the entire structure up. There is a reason Harry's region trembles when the brothers side with Harry and declare war on Voldemort.
  • Child of the Storm: In the aftermath of the Forever Red arc in the sequel Ghosts of the Past, which saw the Red Room kidnap, torture, and brainwash Harry, Loki proceeds to systematically hunt down and kill every single member of the organization.


Dragon Age

  • Walking in Circles: Implied by Redcliffe!Solas in the Bad Future when he talked about how he killed Alexius to take the amulet, then gathered forces to take control of the Redcliffe Castle and stubbornly refused to lose it to Corypheus despite the fact there are more important and safer places he could use. Evelyn guesses that Solas remained there where he thought she died to always feel his anger the most keenly.

Family Guy

Fullmetal Alchemist

  • In the second part of the Elemental Chess Trilogy series, certain events are intended to make Roy Mustang go on one of these. But in a subversion, he doesn't - partly because he's too sick to even get out of bed.

Harry Potter

Kantai Collection

  • In Eternity, Enterprise was more or less in permanent RRoR mode after Pearl Harbor, and to her shame her bloodlust and demeaning attitude towards her fellow ships who did not took the vow (When we are through with them, Japanese language will be spoken only in hell) as seriously as she did alianated her with the rest of USN. Her transfer to Japanese Maritine Self Defense Forces (and where she got the titular nickname) did wonders in mellowing her out.

Left 4 Dead 2

  • In "Blind Mans Bluff", Nick comes extremely close to exacting one of these on Brenda and the rest of the Angels when Brenda gloats about one of her teammates torturing Ellis to death. His Berserk Button was smashed to the point of no return, and he was in such a frothing rage that he was planning to kill all of them with nothing but his bare hands, even though they were heavily armed.

Mass Effect

  • In Of Sheep And Battle Chicken, this is a very common trope. The most epic of which probably goes to Matriarch Trellani's personal crusade against the Thirty within the Matriarch Republics for their killing of her bondmate, daughters, sisters, disciples, extended family, and anyone else she might have revealed the truth of the Thirty to. She has openly expressed her desire to kill every last member of their families in revenge, down to the youngest maidens, and to use their blood to water her garden. By the time the story begins she has already killed dozens to hundreds of them over the course of a few decades and considers it a good start.
  • In Mass Effect: Synthesis, Tevos and the Salarian Councilor launch a pre-emptive attack on every human colony they can find using a bioweapon specifically designed to kill humans, causing the deaths of 3.2 billion (roughly one fifth of humanity). The Systems Alliance responds by killing every Salarian and Asari in the galaxy that isn't needed for synthesis with one of the SIL. Roughly five years after the attack, both races are extinct.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • This is Rainbow Dash's entire motivation in the aptly-named Loyalty's Vengeance. It seems to be turning into more than that, though.
  • It gets glossed over, but in Temporary Hiatus Daring Do went on one when Ahuizotil kills her father. Ahuizotil says she literally tore through his personal guard and nearly killed him. One has to wonder what Rainbow Dash and Twilight's reaction to this would be...


  • In A Growing Affection, after the Blood Drinker Doraku appears to kill Hinata in chapter 11, Naruto unleashes two previously unseen jutsu, and shreds large chunks of the demon's body with Rasengans. When the demon taunts him with the fact that Naruto can't kill him, Naruto blows a hole through Doruka's chest, drives a stalagmite through the hole, pinning Doraku to a cave wall and then has his Blood Clones collapse the cave on top of the "vampire".
  • Whilst not stated in the actual series itself, Waltz of Third Fang's "Yet Again" went on one so terrible that it not only gave him the names The Red Flood and The Eyes of Stone. And it messed him up, to the point that anyone stupid enough to remind him of that day better pray that they're corpses are still recognisable as human once he's done.
  • When Aiko Uzumaki of Vapors realizes that the Butterfly effect has left Naruto with no training in using the Kyuubi's chakra while they are fighting Gaara, she invokes this by purposefully taking a debilitating blow where Naruto can see. She passes out and the rest is an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but the battle is implied to have been more one-sided than it was in canon.
  • In Naruto vs Sasuke: The Aftermath, Shikamaru goes on one of these when Sasuke kills Chouji simply to hurt Naruto. At the time of the funeral, instead of dropping flowers into the grave like others, he drops in a bag full of headbands of the Sound Ninja he massacred.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • The One I Love Is: At the final chapter, Shinji makes it to the battlefield... and sees he is too late: the MP-Evas have torn into pieces and eaten Unit 02, apparently killing Asuka. After the initial shock and horror Shinji decides his only single goal in life is making them paying with blood. Burning with rage he attacks and slaughters brutally all of them.
    Shinji:"Die... die... die... die! Die! Die! You monsters! You killed Asuka! I'll kill you! Kill you! I'LL KILL YOU ALL!"

One Piece

  • This Bites!:
    • Sanji goes on a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Ohm for hurting Conis. It's so much that he actually sets himself on fire.
    • While watching the events of Movie 6 as transmitted by Soundbite, Garp is so anguished at seeing his grandson's pain that he makes plans to go to that island and tear the monster apart with his own two hands, before the biggest Buster Call in history blows the island off the map. To be in the same room as him and his rage during those plans is suffocating, even for the Admirals.
    • Enies Lobby, which is way worse for the World Government than in canon. How? Well, the only thing the crew did different in their little jaunt through the Judicial Island to rescue Robin is air it live, with the entire world listening. That sparked a massive crime spree all across the Grand Line, spearheaded by the Supernovas and joined in by no less than two of the Four Emperors. Oh, but it didn't end there — the Straw Hats (and more specifically, Cross and Soundbite) topped it off by airing a boatload of the World Government's dirty laundry, exposing their deep-rooted corruption and permanently tarnishing their reputation. End result? Civil unrest on a global scale, with several countries following Alabasta's lead and going revolutionary, including Water 7. Basically, within one day, the Straw Hats neutered the World Government so badly that it will take decades before they and the Marines are anywhere close to their previous operating capacity.

The Silmarillion

  • In The Servants Of Ungoliant, Daurin goes on one of these against a group of Gongs after they brutally slaughter several Elves.

Shin Megami Tensei

  • According to The Kanyeverse, the Conception was started by Sonic the Hedgehog after discovering that Kanye {the Demi-Fiend) slept with Amy.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • In ''The Greatest Betrayal'', through five years of torture, Shadow is brainwashed by Doctor Robotnik into believing that Sonic dropped him at the end of SA 2, and goes on one, torturing Sonic's friends to make Sonic miserable and working his way up the friendship ladder. There's a LOT of Torture Porn going on, plenty of rape, and at least two characters die, with one of them getting stabbed 27 times and chopped into pieces with a steak knife.

Star Trek

  • Spock, in Atlas, basically orders one of these when he feels his lover Jim Kirk killed through the mating bond they share. It results in probably one of the coolest lines ever to be delivered by a vengeful Vulcan: "Find her. Prevent her goals. Destroy her plans. Break her dog. Lay waste to all who gather around her. Ensure that she comes to regret ever hearing the name James Tiberius Kirk." This is eventually carried out in a Crowning Moment of Awesome.

Star Wars



  • Abused daughter Batel of Toy Hammer's roaring part of her rampage of revenge begins when she calls out her step-father, while giving in to her more evil nature. Not much detail on what exactly, but the sadistic man treated the mother and daughter both like 'toys', so the worst can be assumed.
    • Her revenge started earlier with a very ill-advised pact with the Chaotic Evil Chaos Gods.


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