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Ring Ring CRUNCH / Literature

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  • Played with in The Dresden Files. Harry has a Mickey Mouse alarm clock specifically so that he doesn't do this. He couldn't live with a guy who'd hit Mickey Mouse.
  • Ring... Ring... CRUNCH is the central theme of Ray Bradbury's short story, The Murderer. The protagonist becomes fed up with the ubiquity and intrusiveness of radios, phones, and the like, so he begins to systematically destroy the intrusive devices in his life. He pours ice cream into a speaker grille, stuffs another device in the garbage disposal (which, as a useful and nonintrusive technology, is the only thing he feels sorry about), and even uses an EMP on the bus and basks in the panic and subsequent civility as people are forced to * talk* to each other.
  • Neal Stephenson examples:
    • In Cryptonomicon, when Randy's wristwatch's alarm goes off, Amy cuts it off his wrist with a kris and throws it into the ocean.
    • Similarly, in Zodiac, ST is forced to take the back off his wristwatch and screwdriver it into silence after an alarm to remind him to call his ex-girlfriend goes off while he's breaking into a chemical plant.
  • This occurs in the Destroyer series because both Remo and Chuin smash phones all the time. They usually tear them out of the walls.
  • In Bitten, Elena muses:
    "The phone itself had lost the ability to ring four years ago, when Clay whipped it across the room after it dared disturb his sleep two nights in a row."
  • Homecoming has a variation: elderly Abigail Tillerman is rumored to have chopped the cord of her phone and tossed it through the window of the phone company building, after receiving the call that her youngest son had been killed in the Vietnam War.
  • In The Woman Who Made Machines Go Haywire, Iris's clocks go a bit crazy due to her jinx, leading her to wreck them regularly.
  • Journey to Chaos: Eric is having a pleasant dream about how he has returned to Tariatla only to be woken up by his alarm clock, so he stabs it with his Tariatlan mage spear. Then he twists the crystal blade to make sure it's dead.