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  • Parodied by Cracked TV. The host is an android but Michael Swaim does nothing to indicate this except introduce himself as "your host-droid Michal Swaim."
    • Though its Spiritual Successor, Does Not Compute, shows Michael Swaim without his face on (revealing a Terminator face underneath) in the opening sequence.
  • Although it's forced to behave, The Nostalgia Chick's Sex Bot feels unhappiness and snarks at her plenty.
  • Lopez of Red vs. Blue, despite being a robot and knowing it, is pretty much as well-rounded as any other character, with obvious emotions and ambitions (creating a robot army to conquer the world, being part of a freaky robot love triangle... with another robot, in the form of a tank, etc.). All of the AIs shown are similarly well-rounded, although that's justified by them being created from an "impression" of a human mind, complete with residual memories and emotions. In fact, they're human enough that two lived for many years without showing any sign that they weren't flesh-and-blood humans. Except for the whole, you know, being ghosts thing.
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  • The Companions in Land Games.
  • In Friendship is Witchcraft robot ponies act much like normal ones, except for their obviously mechanical voices, tendency to get stuck in loops, occasional Robo Speak, and apparently if they learn they're robots go on destructive rampages. And, at least in the case of Sweetie Belle, their immunity to the Comedic Sociopathy that other ponies possess.
  • KARA is this when she's fully assembled.
  • Dr Gears of the SCP Foundation may or may not be one.
  • The Warforged in QDNDOS qualify as this, down to the ability to convince even their 'family' that they're regular humans/elves/biological creatures. Apparently, this even extends to the ability to reproduce.
  • RWBY: Despite being fully synthetic, Penny is human enough to have emotions and a soul, allowing her to use an Aura. She is the first artificially created being on Remnant capable of generating an Aura.
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  • In the season finale of Bee and Puppycat Bee herself is revealed to be a robot. And she appears to have always known about this.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall has Mechakara, who is a robot wearing the skin of the Linkara from another universe. He was recently revived by The Plot Hole into fully human, which he hates. Also, Linkara's Robot Buddy, Pollo, is pretty human in personality, if not appearance. The irony is Mechakara is the Pollo from another universe who was far less fond of his Linkara.


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