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Welcome to Silent Hill is a haunted house from Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights event, premiering in Orlando and Hollywood for the 2012 event. It is heavily based on the Silent Hill films, including content from the then-unreleased Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, but includes minor influence from the video games.

The house opens up with the guests entering Soundstage 22 on the Universal backlot, finding what resembles a canyon wall and a "Welcome to Silent Hill" sign on their left in a large, foggy outdoors environment. A large SUV is parked across from the sign, with guests having to walk forward between the large rock wall and the highway guardrail to the side. The Armless Man stumbles in the small patch of dead grass on the other side of the guardrail. As it blindly moves toward the guests, Cybil Bennett appears from a cranny in the canyon wall and fires her handgun between the guests' heads to drive it back.


Moving into an apparent maze of chainlink fences, several Grey Children (based on the original video game monsters) run out of the darkness and reach through holes in the fence. The charred corpse of an Order Soldier, dressed in the town's mining gear, is pinned to the fence high above the guests and a small pool of blood is visible on the ground below his feet. Guests then enter a small chamber where the heavily burnt and bandaged body of Alessa Gillespie lays; as they round the corner, the ragged Dahlia Gillespie appears from an alcove to scare them.

Entering a dilapidated school hallway, hidden air cannons in the lockers blast guests and rattle the padlocks down the line. Turning the corner into a restroom, The Janitor sits frozen in a stall with a net of barbed wire stretched across in place of the door. Distracted, guests fail to notice another Order Soldier popping out of a hole broken in the wall. As they round the corner out of the bathroom, the soldier appears from another hole.


Guests circle around a cracked mirror, The Bogeyman waiting for them around the corner. In a large chamber, The Janitor is now on a podium and spinning himself around, as if sensing the guests presence, his legs still tied up behind his head. A Nurse is hidden in an alcove across from the fenced-in Janitor. Chains and strips of barbed wire hang down from the ceiling.

Entering the Gillespie mansion, over half a dozen Nurse mannequins are placed around the room, frozen; several scareactors are hidden among the mannequins. A statue of the mouthless Alessa stands at the top of the staircase, and a body with its head stripped of all flesh (leaving nothing but a bare skull) sits in a wheelchair next to the exit to the room.

At this point, the setting shifts to an industrial one typical of the Otherworld. Pyramid Head, 10 feet tall, stomps into view from around the corner and moves down the hallway toward guests, while an Order member in a gas mask and butcher's outfit appears from behind a shelf. The Bogeyman is hidden behind another alcove down the hall. The next room, apparently a warehouse of some kind, contains a massive smoking generator and several old carousel horses with Grey Children hidden among them.

The house finishes with a long hallway, several Nurses lining it, and a giant figure in a Robby the Rabbit costume peering around the corner at the guests as they exit the soundstage.


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