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  • In Season 2, Will was rather hated by the fanbase, then All-Stars came and people started to like Will with his skills in manipulation.
  • Some people liked Rachel's (12,13) return, being able to see how she plays without Brendan.
  • Aaryn in Season 15 has been this in some faces. During the first few weeks, she's a complete bully in the house... but until her eviction, manages to win 4 HOHs and toned down her tendencies. However, her case is a particularly epic example, and you will see that if you choose to read on. Be warned, it is really in-depth and shocking, but only because it needs to be, because it is the only way to stop people from ravaging her personal life and imploring them to let go of their hard feelings about her.
    • In the years to follow her time on Big Brother, it came to light that Aaryn is actually a rather sad case of herd mentality at work (both in terms of her personality at the time she came onto the show and the public reaction to her), and we have been given a harrowing lesson about how people have a distorted image, maybe even no sense of, real truth, and just jump to the conclusion they want to believe, and how bloody irrational the real world has come to be. She was judged by the real world like she was an actual racist without people taking time to learn her background or even bothering, because the godforsaken hovels of media kept playing up only the fact she was making inflammatory statements to gorge itself on viewership and never tried to justify it or go into her personal history to figure out what was really wrong and rationalize it. Rather scarily, Aaryn actually didn't mean to offend anybody and was a step beyond ignorant- she was a Fish out of Water. Namely, a college student who spent a long time around immature people during her education and poisoned by college humor and coming fresh out of the wild and unscrupulous atmosphere thinking it was okay to say those things in real life. Those who have been to college can attest that it can be a place where children of families try to test the boundaries because they've spent their lives up until then under the thumb of their parents and lose sight of their sense of right and wrong because they are drunk with freedom and dread going back to parental supervision, especially if they know this is the only chance they will get to have freedom before returning back home to a restricted atmosphere if their parents are particularly strict. Aaryn is just another sad example of this happening. She genuinely didn't realize the magnitude of any of her comments and was saying things mindlessly because she was never taught any better, and slipped through the cracks of the education system. Factor in a sheltered life and her maturity level was like a prepubescent middle schooler when she entered the game (basically a nonviolent Justin Sebik, and look how he turned out). Aaryn was unfortunately left to face the wrath of the real world, which is ruthless and unreasonable. It automatically assumed the worst out of her and branded her a racist because it was easy to, and most times the real world jumps to conclusions because it wants to take the path that feels right and be right all the time and twist the story to fit their assumptions, no matter how wrong they because they are just that sure and self-righteous of themselves. And then we have the news that Aaryn is now Happily Married and has since given birth to two children. Her YouTube channel, which speaks for itself, showing her being wed to a guy named Nick and starting a family. This resulted in a HUGE change where Aaryn matured dramatically and revealed an absolutely endearing maternal side and a love for her family. Married Aaryn is adored for the fact that she has completely eradicated her lack of tact and now routinely posts videos about being a mother and the struggles that come with it. Her noting that she received so much hate mail that it basically drove her to recurrent bouts of depression because she felt guilty for running her mouth and making herself look like an idiot, and it didn't end until she found Mr. Right. The strenuous meltdowns she filmed during her pregnancy and the shocking discovery that she was at risk for cancer if she didn't have some moles treated made people realize that there was more beneath the surface. Aaryn was a better person beneath the surface and was actually a Broken Bird with so much anger bottled up inside that she needed someone in her life to balance her out and a restart, and people were projecting feelings of personal offense on her just because they wanted. She got herself a brand new modeling career and a fresh start under her married name, leaving the old Aaryn behind her. Ironically, through the big mistake she made on coming onto the show, she found her true calling online, and it would be an injustice on her for us to keep holding onto a ghost of the past.
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    • Gina Marie. Apart from the first impressions, she and Jeremy pretty much threw "Most hated HG" title back and forth due to their bullying of other houseguests and comments. As of week ten, she's one of the more liked houseguests because she nominated McCranda, stood up to Amanda's bullying, was nice to the Creator's Pet Elissa, and successfully eliminated Amanda. Post-show, and thanks to live feeds, we see that big GM is actually an emotional mess and it was unfair to judge her so harshly because she's had it rough in her real life and is in turmoil over a broken engagement.
  • Victoria from 16 had a "meh" reception at first, due to always being ignored by the camera, being a floater, and her looking like a ditz. But with the other popular players being eliminated, her still standing despite constant opposition, and now finally getting some focus, she's earned quite the fandom. Also, she began to win some competitions at last... and got a fabulous moment of awesomeness when she shredded her own hat with a knife and taunted Zach with it in her goodbye message at his eviction.
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  • Aisleyne from the UK series. Widely disliked when she initially appeared, for her bad attitude and perceived fake behaviour. As the season progressed though, her sensitive and caring side was revealed. Although a Base-Breaking Character, she ended up getting third place and was the highest scoring female housemate. What's more is that she expected to exit the house to unanimous boos - but was shocked that she got cheered instead.
  • Inverted with Nikki Grahame in the same season. Her eviction was a Shocking Elimination and when the option to vote an ex-housemate back in surfaced - Nikki won the majority of the public vote. However her showmance with Pete (part of the reason why she voted back) proved to be so unpopular that she ended up in fifth place, and was also greeted with a lot of boos on the night of the final. Then again, Nikki did sort of end up playing the trope straight - as she was a contestant on Ultimate Big Brother and finished as the runner up.
    • Nikki again in Big Brother Canada 4 where she plays as a International player. While still regarded as a wangster, she had grown a lot more likeable and flirted with more than just one guy, and had some genuinely touching moments, particularly when the kangaroo and British Bull Dog puppies showed up.
  • Sabrina from Big Brother Canada 2. Most viewers did not like her behaviour at all. She would talk massive trash about other houseguests and even tried to address Jon's then-girlfriend via the live feeds to make false allegations about Jon and Neda that were inappropriate. However, as the season went on, she slowly got nicer due to her allies going one-by-one and managed to become a different person by late-game. This, along with her freakouts, redeemed her to non-scrappy status.
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  • Paul from US Big Brother 18 was not well liked in the beginning of the season due to his Jerk Ass behavior and cockiness. However, after his allies were taken out, he Took a Level in Kindness and mellowed out, and started becoming more sociable towards his fellow houseguests. He's now one of the favorites to win the game. Ironically, he messes it up at the end, then comes back next season and Took a Level in Jerkass.
  • Also from US Big Brother 18 is Michelle. Her hatred of fat people and her Alpha Bitch bullying tactics towards Bridget rubbed many viewers the wrong way. However, she began to grow on live-feeders with her Deadpan Snarker and Cloudcuckoolander sense of humor, her Take Thats to Production, and redirecting her bullying towards Paulie.
  • Josh started out as a BIG unlikable character in Big Brother 19 for throwing his own team under the bus for poor reasons (he thought Megan was gunning for him) in the first Head Of Household challenge, but became much more likable after he became a victim of Cody and Jessica's bullying, and even more so when he was the only one with the sense to turn against Paul out of everybody left after the first Double Eviction hit. The silly things he did on the live feeds also helped him look endearing, as well as his soft heart.
  • Paras (a gamer girl who earned the ire of the fans for being a little stuck up) from Canada 6 was originally hated for being annoying and an Alex Expy. But while Alex got meaner over time, after Johnny left Paras quickly became one of the favourites to win after Kaela—and she ended up winning, just like Josh.