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  • In The Navy Lark schemeing CPO Pertwee explains that the secret to scamming the Navy out of money is never to indent one of anything unless it is a Battleship. If you need 1 special luxury chair, indent for half a dozen. He ends up inadvertantly requistioning every chair int he Navy including the First Sea Lord's chair before it was put a stop to by Lt-Cmdr Price.
    • Lt-Cmdr Price's "Not Received file" which he uses to keep track of all the orders that he'd rather not obey and doesn't intend to reply to. The sender generally gets transferred, promoted, retires, or just plain gives up long before Price does. In the rare instances it doesn't work Price will send a top priority, double urgent, angry memo demanding to know why the sender hasn't responded to his questions (which he hasn't sent) about said orders. That generally shuts them up in embarrasment and he hears no more about it.
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  • The Men from the Ministry: The Staff of General Assistance Department are masters of this when it comes to explaining their huge screw-ups as official "government experiments", for example accidentally flooding the underground with cold water is explained as new experimental way to clean it.
  • On Flight Of The Conchords, Bret had a dream in which David Bowie told him that, "once in a while, it doesn't hurt to do something absolutely outrageous". At a business meeting with a musical greeting card company Bet decided to act on this advice by climbing onto the company owner's desk and exposing himself. It paid off in the end, as the owner admired Bret's balls.
  • The entirety of True Capitalist comes off as this. These are the audio adventures of a really loud Texan and his loyal engineer, and said Texan flips out over prank calls made by the likes of trolls playing splices, bronies, a suburban welfare receiver, a fabulous man in his tub, an 8 year old Mexican kid, a 'trans-testicle' and other bizarre characters.
    • The twitter shoutouts even more so:
    Ghost: Uh, we got "Knot See," uh, "Occupy Equestria," we got "Occupy Ghost's Ass" (GEDDIMOFF), we got "Low Fat Sperm," we got "Minor Crap Boy," we got "Ghostler," we got "Benito Ghostini," we got "Ghostef Stalin," we got "Fidel Ghostro" (THESE SICK-ASS NAMES, MAN) we got "Kony's Sex Slave" ( sick fruitbowls), we got "Slimy Gimp Girl," we got "Mug Ranny Saw Tranny-" AAAAAAAAUUGGHHH YOU SICK, SICK BASTARDS, AUUUUUUGHH! THESE SICK PRICKS! LOOK AT 'EM, ENGINEER!
  • Lo Zoo Di 105: Good Lord.
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