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  • Davion & Davion (Deceased) has John Davion financially cripple Amaris' supporters by taking out massive (and dubiously secured) loans from banks supporting the Usurper right before the Amaris Coup and then seizing their assets, i.e. the money he'd just borrowed from them. No one expected the notoriously honest First Prince to engage in financial shenanigans, much less on such a grandiose scale.

Code Geass

  • Due to being a Peggy Sue in Nil Desperandum Luluka manages to plan for every event in canon and every non-canon one as well. However, a long chain of events that starts with her and Suzaku missing their rendezvous with Genbu Kurugi, she's outed to the world at large as she tears through the JLF for killing Milly. How does Charles handle his apparently back from the dead daughter being a terrorist leader? Why, he declares it was part of a wager between them to prove her worth as a potential successor. Everyone in Area 11 gets full citizenship, the Black Knights become part of the army, and Naoto becomes the new Viceroy. Luluka is completely thrown by the Emperor's decision and bitterly admits she lost.
  • In another Peggy Sue fanfic, Rise Of A New Moon, Clovis dies some ways into it and renders Luna's plans to use him as a Puppet Viceroy is rendered useless, she makes one last gamble to take Japan without having open war (brought on by the fact that, where Britannia is concerned, three royals have died there). She does this by having the JLF deploy all their forces to critical logistical locations (backed by the authority of the area government through Jeremiah and Euphie) and march with her into Tokyo where she declares herself Viceroy before Cornelia arrives. This stuns everyone into going along with it.
  • In Codes and Geass: Embracing Your Inner Megalomania, Euphemia, despite knowing that Lelouch (who is fused with an SI) will not go along with the idea, starts the SAZ, just as in canon. So what does Zero do? Go there in the Gawain while broadcasting and singing along with CC to "O Fortuna, Carmina Burana." And then proceeds to destroy the SAZ as an idea with a single speech. And to his great surprise, inspires Euphie to publicly repudiate the Empire and defect to his side.

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

  • Tiberium Wars has this happen multiple times. In fact, half of Havoc's plans involve them being so ridiculous no one sees them coming, and in Chapter Fifteen, the ruined remains of Lieutenant Wallace's Zone Trooper squad attacks hundreds of Nod soldiers, tanks, beam cannons, and Avatars.


  • An Entry with a Bang! has a part where an infantryman forces the surrender of a 'Mech pilot by strapping MREs to himself and pretending they're explosives. Then asks the pilot out on a date.
  • A Hero: Dalek Sec's plans tend to fall into this trope. Considering his horrible luck at everything... this means that his failures tend to go into Epic Fail, because of this trope.
  • Five Score, Divided by Four: The Feds and the cops are on high alert after a seeming terrorist bombing in Seattle. How do five technicolor mythical equines manage to get out of Seattle and halfway across the US? Charter a private plane and a limo, of course.
  • The Infinite Loops: Loopers frequently resort to this out of sheer boredom, and listing all of them would take a very long time, but points go to a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Loop where several Loopers make their way into the Royal Canterlot Archives, singing "With Catlike Tread" as they go.
  • In First Knight, a Slayer was in the middle of a debate while running for sheriff when she realizes her opponent is a demon that feeds off negative emotions. After cutting off its head in front of the crowd, causing lightning to shoot out due to built-up energy, she plays it off by saying, "There can be only one."
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Admiral Nimitz's only safe spot is here. She claims that the Trans-Galactic Republic does not condone torture (directly or by proxy), but then hands a prisoner to a group that's known for its love of unaccountable secret agents whose actions can be washed awaynote . When called on this, she cites the treaty that theoretically set this all up, resulting in a pile of Loophole Abuse/Half Truth/False Reassurance all in one!
  • In Water Under the Bridge, the Blue Gloves send an agent with no infiltration skills to infiltrate Serenity just as a reminder that they have their eye on the crew. They agent they send is so obviously an infiltrator (including telling them she's going out of her way to become indispensable and wearing her Blue Glove uniform) that the crew never suspects she's a Blue Glove.
  • Weiss Reacts: Blake is the best example, among other things taking a universe-shattering mecha for a joyride, but Cinder pulls this off by accidentally blowing up several cars that double-parked in front of her while she was attempting to buy burritos, and then proceeding to run across the roofs of Vale in a domino mask while clutching said burritos and being pursued by a veritable army of robot soldiers.
  • In Origin Story, Alex Harris's response to the Runaways showing up to interrogate her is to pick up Bruiser and carry her to the buffet she and Louise were already heading to. Alex and Louise ignore any attempt to talk until they're both sitting at a table, plates full of breakfast foods in front of them.
  • In Jokers Wild Naruto orders several Shadow Clones to delay Kakashi. They do so by turning into squirrels and attacking him with nunchucks. While incapable of harming or even really inconveniencing the man, it's weird enough to make him stop for a few minutes.
  • In Itachi Is That A Baby, Sasuke has been captured and brought back to Konoha and is to be interrogated. However, the Military Police chief insists the interrogation falls under his jurisdiction and orders everyone out before interrogating Sasuke. Afterwards he refuses to allow Sasuke to be interrogated again, citing unnecessary cruelty. Thing is, Sasuke is the Military Police chief. Even when others complain, Tsunade admits he's technically right.
  • Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness: During what is technically a high stakes fight between Megas and Yuuka Kazami, Yukari catches Yuyuko eating a Philly cheesesteak and asks what she was snacking on. Yuyuko's response? To scarf down the rest of the cheesesteak on the spot and flat out deny that she ever had one.
  • In Christian Potter Chandler, Barb refuses to believe Bob when Chris jogs into a strip club... and moonsaults into a stripper's tits.


  • In DC Nation, this is the standard operating procedure of Travis Grey (an Original Character Green Lantern). A street kid and pickpocket, he steals Hal Jordan's wallet and spare ring. After donning the ring, he proceeds to go on a one-man cleanup spree through his rough New York neighborhood. He tops it by making a Sarcastic Confession to Guy Gardner and Hal about his activities, chiding Hal to keep better track of his stuff, and all but daring the two veteran Lanterns to steal the ring back. Hal's ticked, but Guy's about to double over laughing.

Death Note


  • In The New Guild, Sandra Battye picks up an hitherto lost and unclaimed title for her Trade Guild. She cannot use the appropriate title because another, larger and more powerful, Guild has pre-empted her. Against Mrs. Rosie Palm's vigorous objection, Lord Vetinari grants Sandra title to the name...

The Dresden Files

  • In Famous Last Words, when captured by Nicodemus and asked if he has any last words, Harry quotes Monty Python's dead parrot skit. It's so outrageous that Nicodemus decides to let Harry and his friends go out of amusement.


  • This is essentially the hat of The Sage's Disciple. Crow deliberately uses this trope to invoke Mistaken for Badass in his bid to actually survive the war. The more outrageous the plans, the longer he believes he will live. As a result, most of the participants think that he's a combination of Magnificent Bastard and The Wonka.

Harry Potter

  • In Magical Relations, one of the myriad "Harry Sorted into Slytherin" fanfics, Parseltongue is a teachable language. Naturally, Snape offers to tutor Harry in nonverbal magic, dueling, Occlumency, etc. for as long as it takes Harry to teach him to speak snake. Eventually, Harry is learning Leglimency to improve his Occlumency (highly illegal without Ministry permission, not that they care), but now The Umbridge is around to poke her nose in. Snape first tries to cover up the lessons by giving Harry detention, but when Umbridge shows up to watch the private, Headmaster-approved lesson anyway, they treat it like business as usual, and Snape starts quizzing Harry on his Occlumency reading in Parseltongue. When Umbridge demands to know what language that is, Snape tells her that it's naturally the Ancient Mayan Wizards' language of Uspantek, because Harry is aiming for a job as a cursebreaker, and the only way to learn a language is through practice (naturally, Umbridge will be less than familiar with either language that has only a handful of living practitioners). When Umbridge eventually demands that they speak in English, Snape starts quizzing Harry on his advanced Arithmancy (for curse-breaking, which he has never taken), and subtly prompts his student to Legilimens the answers from his head. (Which is, again, highly illegal).
    Snape: (in Parseltongue) Excellent. I will take your essay after this saggy, cloying excuse for a dictator leaves us.
    Harry: (one scene transition later) So then I answer questions about advanced Arithmancy for the rest of the lesson, and when we're done, Snape looks at Umbridge and says, 'Thank you for your time. Your presence tonight has been invaluable.' (looks at his friends with wide, despairing eyes) It was madness.
    • In the same fic, Harry & Co defeat the Basilisk using Ron's experience handling roosters. They could go to a teacher about the dead giant snake in the girls' loo... or they could hang an "Out of Order" sign on the door and turn the place into a lab for harvesting the thing for extremely valuable potions ingredients. After all, they killed the thing, and have as much a right to it as anyone. By the time they report it to Snape, they've already harvested the blood and are starting on the fangs and skin, and they offer him the extremely invaluable eyes in return for endorsing this stunt and giving them any pointers. This is deemed an... adequate... payment, and when the professor sees their organized, efficient system, he turns the eye extraction into an impromptu potions lesson.
    Pansy: (after Snape's departure and a quick stunned silence) That went surprisingly well.
  • In The Parselmouth of Gryffindor, Dumbledore revels in this when dealing with the Durmstrang defenders. "Dear me, jail? That sounds quite boring. I think I'd rather go home."

Heroes of the Storm

Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

  • Vigilante Tendency has Hibari. It was outright stated that Tsuna was never going to grow up normal thanks to living in the same suburb as Hibari.

My Hero Academia


  • During the Chunin Exam in Reaching for a Dream, Naruto cheats on his test by punching out one of the Chunin plants and taking his test.
    • In later stories, Naruto and Xanna don't bother hiding their horns, claws, or slitted pupils and simply act like there's nothing odd about having them. Of course it helps they're in Japan and most people simply assume they're cosplaying.
  • In Cheaters Prosper Naruto does something similar: he walked up to Kabuto, took his answers and left him his own blank sheet. Then he gets the team to pass the second part of the test by swiping the other necessary scroll before the start of the test, sealing the tied-up Sasuke and Sakura in a scroll, and transforming himself in a needle stuck to Anko's foot, resulting in the examiner carrying the whole team past the test.
  • I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again!! has time travelers Team 7 and Hinata not even bothering to hide their remarkable increase in skill. The Hyuuga Clan simply believe that Hinata finally snapped from all the pressure, while Kakashi rules out his team as potential spies, as any infiltrator capable of replicating Naruto's seal or Sasuke's spinny eye of doom would be outright retarded to show off their strength so blatantly (Sakura is ruled out by association).
  • Naruto makes Kankuro and Temari think they're being detained by Anbu in Naruto: The Gamer Files to make them release Konohamaru. It helps that trying to harm a Kage's family would result in such a reaction.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Peggy Sue Shinji plays off his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Nerv, its employees, and the Angels by claiming, "I watched Power Rangers as a kid."

One Piece

  • This Bites!:
    • How does Boss, Zoro and Sanji win their round in the Davy Back Fight? Beat up the opposition before the game even begins under cover of fog. How do they defend themselves when they're spattered with the opposition's blood? Declare that they went hunting under cover of fog. How do they rationalize that? Easy; they're badasses.
    • Cross bursting into the Franky House, plopping down on the couch, and drinking Franky's cola is odd enough that Franky doesn't react until the Unluckies burst in.


  • This ends up working against Jaune in Professor Arc. After Cinder has him arrested by Ironwood for treason, he decides to confess to his lies to the General. Unfortunately, Ironwood doesn't believe him. Why? Because the idea of an inexperienced 17 year old with zero combat experience becoming a respected teacher and coming out on top of several altercations is too ridiculous to for him believe.

Sherlock Holmes

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos: Maledict secretly controlling the Metarex using an incredibly poor disguise was basically this, and the only reason it worked was because neither Dark Oak nor Tsali could believe that Maledict would be able to pull it off.
    • Basically everything Eric the Hedgehog does or says is this. Discovering that Molly and Leon's refugee group are eating their dead? Ask for dessert. Taking on an entire Demon fleet led by Satan himself? Charge in guns blazing and ram Maledict's flagship while blasting the 1812 Overture over coms. Indeed, it's said in-story that the reason he's so dangerous is because he literally has no concept of fear.
    • The entire background setting runs on this - among other things, it features space Muslims with mechanical spiders powered by molested girls, literal Space Jews that are basically Nazis, and enough Black Comedy to rival South Park.

Star Trek Online

  • Strange Times Are Upon Us: Ila'kshath's answer to Brokosh complaining about him talking to a 19th century American boy. (Ila'kshath, a Gorn, was hunting the same deer as the kid, got seen, and said, "Blink, boy—your eyes are stuck!" The kid fainted.)
    Whod believe it? Seriously, think about ita giant reptile that talks? Hed be laughed out of the room before he got three words out.

Star Wars


  • Brad frequently does this in FREAKIN GENSOKYO. They get up to such ludicrous hijinks that audacity is often the only thing they can take refuge in. Sailing shirtless on a table, flying on a second table propelled by magic plant hangers, weaving a rope out of women's underwear, flailing in the mud in a gravity-destroying space suit; you name it, Brad's done it. Most of the time, his friends just sigh, shake their heads and get on with their lives.