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  • In The 100, the survivors living in Mount Weather have a store room of classic art, including some of Van Gogh's. They end up putting Starry Night in Clarke's cell with her, as a Pet the Dog moment.
  • The Irving Stone novel Lust For Life, adapted to the big screen as the Kirk Douglas film Lust For Life is based on his life.
  • The Doctor Who episode Vincent and the Doctor had the Doctor and Amy meet Van Gogh. The episode's ending is considered by many to be one of the most poignant pieces ever put to broadcast: The Doctor decides to bend the rules of time travel to take Vincent into the modern day to visit an art museum... where he learns that in the future he is admired as one of the greatest painters to have ever lived, but sadly it isn't enough to alleviate years of poor mental health and he still commits suicide - he does however dedicate Sunflowers to Amy.
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  • Vincent, a ballad by Don McLean from his album American Pie.
  • Robert Altman's Vincent And Theo (1990) tells the story about the relationship between Vincent, played by Tim Roth, and his rich brother Theo.
  • Loving Vincent (2017) is an animated film about the last few weeks of Van Gogh's life.
  • In Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (1990) during the segment Crows an art student (a character wearing Kurosawa's trademark hat who provides the POV for the rest of the film) finds himself inside the vibrant and sometimes chaotic world of Van Gogh's artwork, where he meets the artist (played by Martin Scorsese) in a field and converses with him. The student loses track of the artist (who is missing an ear and nearing the end of his life) and travels through other works trying to find him. Van Gogh's painting Wheat Field with Crows is an important element in this dream.
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  • Vincent And Me is about a girl whose paintings look like Van Gogh and whose work is actually sold under his name instead of hers.
  • At Eternitys Gate has Willem Dafoe play Van Gogh during the last period of his life.
  • Three opera's have been based on his life, among them Vincent(1990), composed by the Finn Einojuhani Rautavaara.
  • Suske en Wiske: Lambik travels back in time to meet him in De Kleurenkladder. He shocks Van Gogh by making an abstract painting.
  • De Kiekeboes: In Hotel O. a man receives the keys to the Van Gogh room, while a servant brings a jar with sunflowers for the room. The hotel lobbyist advices him: Watch out when you're shaving!, a reference to Van Gogh's cut off ear.
  • His clone counterpart appears sporadically in Clone High. In his first appearance, he's voiced by Andy Dick and depicted as an emo kid, curled up in his bedroom in Arles while talking on the phone to Ghandi about his depression. When Ghandi puts him on speaker phone so everyone at a party can laugh at him, Van Gogh takes vengeance by painting a naked mural of Ghandi in front of the school.
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  • Aliens apparently highly value his work, too, as one episode of Supergirl has an alien art fence commissioning a theft of Starry Night.
  • Jon wants to be an artist and decides to start with painting. Garfield suggests he should start by cutting off an ear.
  • An episode of The Nanny featured this one-liner:
    Fran: Oh, you heard me?
    Niles: Van Gogh heard you. He's dead AND missing an ear.

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