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  • The Multiversity is a 2014-2015 limited series exploring the post-New 52 DC Comics multiverse. It includes Earth-8, a world with expies of Marvel characters, and Earth-7, a Ultimate Universe version of Earth-8.
  • Elsa Bloodstone in Nextwave once pointed to her shirt with the European Union logo and asked "Do you think this letter on my chest stands for "America"?
  • The Defenders (2017) has an Author Avatar of Bendis being detained in the police station while shouting "A 17-year running gag is not easy to pull off!". That was a frequent Running Gag of Ultimate Spider-Man.
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  • Superior Spider-Man: Spiders-Man jumps to another dimension to escape, and says "I'll reconstitute myself on another earth. See if there's an ultimate version of me with a cool leather costume".
  • The Living Tribunal seized She-Hulk for a cosmic case. He had found another universe, an Ultimate one, which was cleaner, simpler and more elegant, and considered replacing the main one with it. She-Hulk would defend her own one's case, and explained that the main Marvel universe was not convoluted but legendary, that it wasn't confusing, it had character, and the most important point of all: they're fun.
    Intern: That's it?! You risked the existence of everything on the basis that we're fun?!
  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Miles Morales comes from another universe. A universe where Dr. Octopus is already dead.
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  • The comic "Wha...huh?" has some What If? scenes. "What if the Ultimate Universe got Ultimized?" and "What if Stan Lee was the writer of Ultimate Spider-Man?". Answer: it simply reprinted Amazing Fantasy #15 for some pages, until the editor angrily calls Bendis. Bendis claims that it was a good joke... until they threatened him with removing him from the comic and handing it to Jeph Loeb (the one who wrote Ultimatum)

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