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References, shout-outs, parodies, spoofs, homages,... to Tom Waits.

Film - Animation

Films — Live-Action


  • The book Sandman Slim has "Alice" from Alice as a song haunting the protagonist (whose murdered girlfriend was named Alice). At one point, his worst enemy makes a jukebox play it just to taunt him.

Live-Action TV


  • During a 1974 live concert Frank Zappa namedrops Waits while performing "Stink-Foot": "Get your shoes and socks on, people, it's right around the corner, over by Tom Waits' restaurant." During that time period Waits was opening act for Zappa.
  • Muse used a recording of "What's He Building in There?" to open concerts around the Origin of Symmetry era. A snippet of it can be heard on the second disc of Hullabaloo Soundtrack by rewinding from the first track, though not all CD players will support this (ripping the album as a disc image in Exact Audio Copy or X Lossless Decoder, then altering the start of the first index in the resultant .cue sheet will also work). On later versions of Hullabaloo Soundtrack, the "What's He Building in There?" recording is part of the first proper track on the disc, "Dead Star".


Web Comics

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Western Animation

  • The Simpsons: Tom Waits was "special guest voice" in the episode "Homer Goes to Prep School", where he voiced the character Lloyd rather than play himself.
  • Family Guy: A cutaway gag from Seth MacFarlane's Cartoon Cavalcade features Bob Dylan and Tom Waits meeting each other backstage, while Waits introduces Popeye to him. They all get into an argument over Dylan not playing "Blowin' In The Wind", then Muhammad Ali comes in to complain that Dylan didn't play "Hurricane" either. For those wondering what the joke is here: all of them speak in undecipherable voices.