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Films — Live-Action

  • In The In-Laws, while waiting for Sheldon, Vince and their cabbie are in a bar watching The Price is Right, and Vince has never heard of the show, which the cabbie can't believe.
    Vince: How long has this show been on the air?
    Cabbie: Since about 1911.


  • In Eye Contact, Morgan's mother is anti-TV because she wasted her childhood watching "trash" like The Price Is Right.

Live-Action TV

  • Mad TV had a few different sketches that parodied The Price is Right.
    • One sketch had a fake episode from 1977. Bev Monroe, Apollo Jackson, Lee Ming, and Marge Prince place a bis on t tabletop calculator from Texas Instruments, after which Appollo plays a game for a Ford Pinto, where he guesses the prices of a VO5 aerosol, Aqua Velva cologne, and Tab soda. Plus, a literal Oriental Streak.
    • In a fake episode from 1985, Martha Stewart plays a Rubik's Cube to win an Atari 2600
    • One sketch had an appearance from Lorraine as a contestant on the show.
    • One fake episode was dated from 1134 BC.
    • One sketch was a Middle Eastern version called "The Price Better Be Right or the Streets Will Run Red With Your Blood" as produced by Al Jazeera.

Western Animation

  • 2 Stupid Dogs: In one short, the dogs are contestants on Let's Make a Right Price.
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Brian in Love", Brian watches the end of one show with Bob Barker advising the audience to have their pets spayed and neutered.
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    • In "The Fat Guy Strangler", Lois watches an episode of The Price is Right where one contestant makes her bid one dollar higher than the guy before her, a common occurrence on the show.
      "Fuck you!"
    • A cutaway from "It Takes a Village Idiot and I Married One" has the Griffins taking a vacation on Cliff Hangers and falling off the cliff with the yodeler. Peter remarks they should have gone to Plinko like Cleveland did, leading to another cutaway where Cleveland bounces down the pegs until he hands on a "0" slot.
    • In "New Kidney in Town", Peter appears on The Price is Right while hyped up on Red Bull, and he spins the Big Wheel so fast that it rolls off its hinges and crushes everyone in its path.
    • In "Stewie Goes for a Drive", Brian tells Stewie that he has to accept what's coming to him, like the contestant who gets the lesser showcase. The ensuing cutaway shows said contestant winning a hammock, a pack of chalk, and a trip to Wilmington, Delaware.
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  • In one episode of The Flintstones, Barney Rubble is a contestant on The Prize Is Priced. His Accidental Bid of 2 cents wins him some fishing equipment and a new houseboat.