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Live Action TV

Video Games

  • Marathon: The level titled "Foe Hammer" is named for a sword in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit (1937), also known as Glamdring (Quemya for "Foe-hammer"; it is written as "Foe-hammer" in the book.)
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  • Minecraft: Come the new Advancements system replacing achievements in 1.12, a few more little shout outs in the names have appeared alongside the existing achievement names. These include 'Not Today, Thank You'.

Web Comics

  • Girl Genius: The weapons wielded by the Storm King are a mace named "The Platonic Solid" and a sword called "Archimedes' Lever". But the Jägers call them Smasher and Slasher. This may be a reference to the swords retrieved by Thorin and Gandalf in The Hobbit. They're properly named Orcrist (Goblin-Cleaver) and Glamdring (Foe-Hammer), but the Goblins call them Biter and Beater.

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