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Films - Live-Action

Live-Action TV

  • In The Love Boat episode "Isaac's Double Standard/One More Time/Chimpanzeeshines," a divorced couple compare their marriage to The Gong Show.
  • Fantasy Island:
    • In "Birthday Party/Ghostbreaker," Tattoo has a new antenna installed so he can watch The Gong Show.
    • In "The Wedding," Tattoo complains that Chester the chimp stole his TV set in order to watch The Gong Show.


Western Animation

  • The Simpsons: According to Marge, one of Homer's many "lifelong dreams" was to appear on the show, which he did with a Barney in 1977. This goes into a flashback of the men playing "O Susannah" on a giant harmonica while sharing a pair of overalls, to many boos and gongs. He then brags how they got more gongs than a breakdancing robot that caught on fire.