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Shout Outs, homage shots and Mythology Gags referencing The Flash.

Anime & Manga
  • My Hero Academia: One of the heroes watching the tournament in chapter 34 looks like a beefed-up Flash.

Asian Animation

  • Happy Heroes: In Season 12 episode 6, a robot wearing the Flash's costume is briefly seen.

Comic Books

  • Big Bang Comics: Most characters are thinly disguised versions of golden and silver age DC Comics characters, and The Blitz is a Captain Ersatz of The Flash, while Cyclone is one of Kid Flash.
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  • The Oracle Code: Yeong wears a Flash hoodie the night the girls uncover Arkham's hidden "private ward".



  • Dresden Files:
    • In "Bigfoot On Campus" Harry's commentary quips that Barrowill rushes him at a speed worthy of The Flash's understudy when the vampire is enraged.
    • In Ghost Story Butters asks if Aristedes is fast like Jackie Chan, or fast like the Flash.
  • In The Evolution of Emily, Miles reads The Flash during lunch. He says he relates to the character even though he can't run fast at all because having ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine in a golf cart body, and the Flash is like an actual Ferrari.

Live-Action TV

  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • The Flash seems to be a favorite of Sheldon Cooper. He often wears a shirt with Flash's insignia and has dressed as him in "The Justice League Recombination" and "The Middle Earth Paradigm" (where all four guys accidentally dress as Flash as well). He brags about reading a Flash comic faster than him in "The Cushion Saturation", and acts just like him in "The Workplace Song Nanocluster" after having too much coffee.
    • In "The Dependence Transcendence", Sheldon gets high on energy drinks and hallucinates Flash telling him that superheroes use performance enhancing drugs all the time.
  • Hikari Sentai Maskman: The appearance of the villainous character Oyo-bu is patterned over Barry Allen's (and Wally West's) costume. He even has Super Speed.
  • The Middleman: When asked by the Middleman if she reads comics, Wendy first says that she thinks Jughead "is a real hoot." When the Middleman doesn't respond, she name-drops Powers, Astro City, Fell, The Spirit, Mouse Guard, X-Men, and The Flash. The Middleman asks if she's referring to Barry Allen or Wally West.
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  • The X-Files: Teenagers Max Harden and his girlfriend Chastity Raines acquiring super speed and running at the speed faster than the eye is like speedsters Hermes, Johnny Quick, Jay Garrick, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wally West, Black Flash, Speedy Gonzales, Jesse Quick, Barry Allen, Cheetara, Professor Zoom, Bart Allen, Quicksilver, Max Mercury, XS, Little Beeper, Tornado Twins and the Road Runner among other examples.

Professional Wrestling

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation