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Referenced By / Swing, You Sinners!

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Swing, You Sinners! on the left and Cuphead on the right

Shout Outs and other references to the classic animated Bimbo short Swing, You Sinners!.

Bimbo's Initiation is another classic Bimbo cartoon with its own Referenced by... page.

Video Games

  • Cuphead: The game's main inspiration is the Fleischer Studios short Swing, You Sinners!. While this mostly comes across visually, there are also a few direct references such as the achievement for beating the final boss being named "Swing You Sinner". Very early concept art even included a study of Cuphead pleading for his life in the same way that Bimbo does when threatened with a straight-razor. Three separate boss fights take their visual cues from parts of Swing, You Sinners!:
    • Cagney Carnation moves in exactly the same way as a particular ghost from that short (particularly his splayed, upward-facing palms)note  and the song's melody is similar to his fight music.
    • Baroness Von Bon Bon chases the heroes in her crawling gingerbread house in a scene inspired by the ghost barn that marches after Bimbo in the original short.
    • The ghosts that pop out of the train resemble the final forms of the ghosts that pop out of the ghost barn to terrorize Bimbo.

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