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Web Comics

  • In Shortpacked!, Short Circuit is stated to be Ultra Car's favorite movie. She relates to Johnny Five because it makes her feel less alone in the world, and is also hoping the remake is exactly like the original movie, but better (meaning no Ally Sheedy). Her admiration for the movies culminate in her and Malaya sneaking across the Canadian border to steal Pinocchio and Frankenstein from the World's Biggest Bookstore (referencing a scene from Short Circuit 2) before the bookstore closes for good.

Web Original

  • The Cinema Snob's 500th episode was 'Choose Your Own Guttenberg', a Choose Your Own Adventure style video review centered around the filmography of Steve Guttenberg, presented as if it were Guttenberg's actual life. Short Circuit comes up if the viewer chooses 'Build Robots' at the first fork, in which Steve quits the police force to pursue his passion for building robots. The video ends with the viewer either choosing 'A Very Serious Turn' in which Johnny Five is damaged, setting off a nuke inside him, leading to The Day After or 'The Brain of the Robot is Put Into Twins!' in which Johnny Five's brain is put into a human girl and then is somehow cloned, leading to It Takes Two.

Western Animation

  • The Muppet Babies (1984) episode, "At the Movies" uses extensive footage from Short Circuit 2. Johnny 5, dubbed with new dialogue by a different actor, befriends Baby Scooter and accompanies him throughout the episode to help him decide what his favorite movie is.

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