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Works referencing Schlock Mercenary.

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    Fan Fiction 
  • Shinji and Warhammer 40k gives a simple one: "An ominous hum rose from the Dreadnought."
  • Two of them in No Gods, Only Guns:
    • First, a mention that a slaver captain "had always held by the old mercenary's adage: Pillage first, then burn."
    • And later, a pirate captain is referred to as having "accountants who existed simply to keep track of the accountants who keep track of the bandits who answered to him."

  • The web-novel Domina makes an off-hand reference to chupaquesos.
  • John Ringo is a big fan of the comic, and has referenced it in several of his works:
    • Prince Roger, by Ringo and David Weber, features the Althari, a species of koala-like Proud Warrior Race Guys.
    • Troy Rising is entirely predicated on being a prequel to the world of Schlock Mercenary, depicting the first contact between humanity and the rest of the galaxy, even if later events in the series rendered it Canon Discontinuity for the Schlockverse.
    • The comic is mentioned by name in the first novel of the Black Tide Rising Zombie Apocalypse series, with Tayler being implied to have succumbed to the plague, and The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries get quoted from, particularly the one regarding "overkill".

    Tabletop Games 
  • Star Munchkin used Schlock's plasma cannon as a picture for its plasma cannon, complete with Schlock and the ominous hummmmm.


    Web Original 
  • Atop the Fourth Wall at one point refers to a powerful battleship as a battleplate.
    • Linkara also once complained about the sudden appearance of a cryo-kit in a comic, stating that unlike in Schlock Mercenary the tech was not properly established and seemed out of place.
  • Paul Twister is apparently a fan; he's quoted from the Seventy Maxims more than once.


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