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Film: Animation

Film: Live-Action

  • In Diary of a Mad Black Woman, when Joe angrily rejects the idea of Madea's granddaughter moving in their house and says he's going to put his foot down, she then quips back, "Kunta Kinte put his foot down, too, and it got chopped off! Now shut the hell up!" He also tries to kick her out later on, citing "This ain't Roots!"

Live-Action Television

  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:
    • In "How I Spent My Summer Vacation", after Uncle Phil orders Will to get rid of his wild hair and outfit that looks like a prison uniform, he then quips, "Why don't you just do me like Kunta Kinte and cut my foot off?"
    • He says the same thing in "Will Gets A Job" after Uncle Phil refuses to believe his explanation for his absences from home and lateness at school and grounds him.
    • Another episode had the family gathering around and telling stories, only for Will to eventually observe that the last time they got together like this was to watch an anniversary showing of Roots.
    • Another episode had Geoffrey (as always) saying something snide, only for Will to introduce him to someone, saying, "You've met our butler, Chicken George?"
  • In Living Color!: In one of Homey the Clown's ending sing-alongs that soon morphs into an angry rant, one of them had him mention (while Damon Wayans tries not to laugh) Kunta getting his foot chopped off.
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  • During the ending stinger of Community episode "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking", after a dumbstruck Troy (from meeting LeVar Burton, who guest-starred as himself) finally runs out of the room screaming while the two of them are having dinner, he then helps himself to Troy's food, saying, "More fish for Kunta."
  • Martin episode "No Justice, No Peace" has Martin representing himself in court to get out of paying a parking ticket. When the judge tries to hurry him up to present another witness, he then tries to play that he and her are probably related via a family tree, along with "Kunta, Kizzy, George, all of them!"

Western Animation

  • Robot Chicken: In one of their most disturbing sketches, a demented little girl "rescues" a Pegasus by chaining it up and brutally whipping it until they admit their name is "Sunny Muffins".


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