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As well as the specific examples below, virtually every Western example of the Fantastic Foxes trope is in some way inspired by Reynard tales. Especially if they are named Reynard, Reintje, Rénard, or Reineke.

Reynard is referenced in the following works:

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    Comic Books 
  • The Suske en Wiske album De Rebelse Reynaert is based on Reynaert the Fox, but has a lot of subtle allusions to the then current scandal around criminal Marc Dutroux, where Reynaert can be seen as an Expy of Dutroux.
  • Reynard appears with a Took a Level in Kindness and some bowdlerisation in Fables, as a major member of the non-humanoid "Farm" community of Fables.
  • The cock Marquis de Canteclaer in Tom Poes is named after the cock from Reynard tales.
  • One of the short strips collected in Asterix and the Class Act stars a Gaulish rooster named Chanticleerix.
  • In the comic De Cape et de Crocs, the two main characters are an anthropomorphic fox named Armand Reynal de Maupertuis (Maupertuis is the name of Reynart's estate) and an anthropomorphic wolf named Don Lope de Villalobos Y Sangrin, whose Love Interest is named Hermine.

    Films - Animated 
  • The famous 1937 (made in 1929-30, but spent some years on The Shelf of Movie Languishment) Stop Motion film adaptation by Ladislas Starevich.
  • Rock-A-Doodle is an adaptation of the Chanticleer legend with Chanticleer as an Elvis Presley Expy. Reynard's role is taken by Pinky, a stand-in for Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker.
  • Disney's Robin Hood (1973) owes a lot to the Reynard tales, particularly in the character designs. Robin Hood is a fox like Reynard, the Sheriff is a wolf like Ysengrim, Little John is a bear like Bruin, Allan-a-Dale is a rooster like Chanticleer, etc. The story goes that the Disney studio was working on a movie based on the Reynard tales, but it ended up in Development Hell due to Walt Disney thinking Reynard was an inappropriate protagonist. After Disney's death, the studio picked up the concept again and created Robin Hood (1973).

    Films - Live-Action 
  • Renard, one of the villains of the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough is named after the fictional fox, and can withstand "a rain of blows", which is the literal translation of the name "Reynard."

  • The Icelandic "Saga of Ref the Sly" depicts the central character as a human, but directly lifts several incidents from Reynard tales.
  • Reynard - renamed Russell - also appears in in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales in the Nun's Priest's Tale, along with Chanticleer the puffed-up rooster and his more sensible wife, Pertelote.
  • The fox is referenced in the Middle English poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
  • Reynard the fox, Isengrim the wolf, Tybalt the cat, and many other characters from the folktales appear as humanized versions of themselves in David R. Witanowski's Reynard Cycle. Naturally, the characters tend to retain the characteristics of their animal counterparts.
  • The story was adapted by Belgian author Louis Paul Boon in 1955 as the tale Wapenbroeders ("Weapon brethren") in which the action is meant as a satire of 20th century Belgium.
  • Maupertuis, Reynard's castle, inspired the title of the gothic horror novel Malpertuis by Jean Ray, which was filmed in 1971 by Harry Kümel starring Orson Welles.
  • Reynard Fossman, a minor villain from Rivers of London, is either a Legacy Character embodiment of this trope or is trying very, very hard to seem like one.
  • The World of Ice & Fire mentions the cunning Reynard Reyne.

    Multiple Media 


    Video Games 

  • Gunnerkrigg Court: Reynardine and Ysengrin are loosely based on the characters from this story. Coyote and even more so Loup has some of the darker elements of the folk tales' Reynard as well.

    Western Animation 
  • The story was also adapted loosely in an animated series, Moi Renart.