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My Little Pony has been one of the most popular toylines out there since it's debut in the early 1980s. Naturally, it gets referenced quite a bit in fiction.

This doesn't include My Little Phony references, which are copyright friendly parodies of My Little Pony but not actual My Little Pony references. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has its own page as well.

Comic Strips


Western Animation

  • Milhouse from The Simpsons has been shown to own G1 merchandise.
  • Robot Chicken had a sketch that showed a teenage pony (voiced by Tara Strong no less) showing her father that she got a butt tattoo that is suppose to parody cutie marks. The father then complains that his daughter won't get a decent job because of the tattoo, but the daughter doesn't believe that and thinks she'll become famous making YouTube videos. Cut to 20 years later where the daughter now has a miserable job at a bank and has a boss who keeps telling her to "cover her ass."

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