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Films - Animated

Films - Live-Action

  • My Science Project: When the protagonists break into the Harlans' house to steal dynamite, Vince sings the Mission: Impossible theme until Michael tells him to shut up so he doesn't wake his dad.

Live-Action TV

  • Get Smart
    • The episode "The Impossible Mission" opens with a parody of the mission briefing scene, with the recorded message from the Chief telling Max that if he doesn't accept the mission he'll be fired, and the self-destruct blowing up everything except the tape.
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    • In "Pheasant Under Glass", Max has to change his face via Magic Plastic Surgery. One of the attempts turns him into Martin Landau (played by the actor with a dubbed Don Adams voice). The Chief tells him to change it again, despite being told it's "the perfect face for a spy".


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