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Live-Action TV

  • Seinfeld: "The Beard" has a girlfriend of Jerry's trying to get him to admit that he likes the show over his repeated denials before he finally breaks down after a lie detector test reveals his love for the show.
  • Saturday Night Live did a parody of the show in one of their skits.
  • A promo for Suddenly Susan did a send-up of the show where everyone was repeatedly slapped, including the narrator.
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  • In one Saved by the Bell: The College Years episode, Mike mentions how he's going to be watching "that Melrose 90210 thing".

Western Animation

  • The first couple of seasons of Daria had their bumpers parody the Melrose Place bumpers (right down to the slow-motion shot). This may or at not have inspired the show to retire its usage in the final season.
  • The Simpsons:
    • "Krusty Gets Kancelled" has Krusty auditioning for the show.
    • In "Mother Simpson" after learning Mona Simpson is still alive and on the run from the cops, Lisa mentions that such a thing is "something out of Dickens, or Melrose Place".
    • In the "Simpsons Spin-Off Spectacular", it, The Simpsons and The X Files are one of three shows that appear on the Fox programming schedule.

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