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Anime & Manga

  • Mako from Kill la Kill performs this.

Professional Wrestling

  • As mentioned in the Trivia section, several wrestlers use the Kinniku Buster as a finishing move, the most notable one out of them being Samoa Joe.

Web Original

  • The series was an inspiration for the Tag Dream comic. That's right, Kinnikuman gets multiple shoutouts from Touhou fandom, of all things.

Video Games

  • The character Brocken from World Heroes was largely inspired by Brocken Jr., even down to having the same name.
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  • King from the Tekken series uses a Kinniku Buster-esque move as part of his moveset.
  • In Super Street Fighter IV, the Ultra Combos of the character El Fuerte are definitely Kinnikuman references. One of them, the Ultra Spark, is a modified Incomplete Muscle Spark, and the Flying Giga Buster resembles Big Body's Maple Leaf Clutch.

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