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Fan Fiction

  • "Fearless traveler" Filip Desastre in a book called "Molwîstan" is a reference to Philippe Miseree from Molvanîa in Samowar in Atlantis.

Let's Play

  • Dzwiedz 24 has the character of Doktor Dźwiedźrespekt, "the best most known, the best most respekted video player in all of Molvania", based on the visual similarity between Zladko and Twitch personality Dr Disrespect, and obsessed with American TV series and movies of The '80s and The '90s, including a shout-out to Tropical Heat and its popularity in Serbia.


  • In the music video of Lemon Demon's Geeks in Love, one can see Zladko during the verse about the couple's favourite bands.

Web Comic

  • In the 6th issue of Asperchu, Asperchu and Jivin go to PLFC's Molvanian headquarters.

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